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Somdal Villagers Regard 89 Years Old Muivah as Naga Hero

Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by SPN Editor

Ukhrul/August 29, 2023 (SPN) | Somdal villagers have expressed their admiration for NSCN (IM) General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah who is 89 years old now. They regard Muivah as a ‘Naga Hero’ who has dedicated his entire life to the Naga cause.

Muivah’s leadership has been characterized by his unwavering dedication to achieving Naga sovereignty and preserving the distinct identity and culture of the Naga people.

The Somdal villagers which include village leaders, women leaders, and youths display unwavering confidence in Th Muivah, believing that he will undoubtedly realize the political aspirations of the Nagas and work towards the integration of Nagas’ contiguous areas under his leadership.

They have united in their faith and devotion to the collective leadership of NSCN IM (National Socialist Council of Nagaland – Isak-Muivah), designating every Friday as the Naga National Workers’ prayer day.

Apam Shimray, the Chairman of Somdal Village, expressed immense pride in having a visionary leader like Th Muivah from their village. He conveyed the villagers’ wholehearted support for Muivah, the Naga Hero, expressing a strong hope for the eventual victory of the Naga political struggle.

Muivah, the Naga Hero is a prominent figure in the Naga movement, hailed by many as a visionary leader dedicated to advancing the aspirations of the Nagas. Born on June 20, 1934, in Ukhrul, Manipur, Muivah’s life journey has been closely intertwined with the Naga struggle for self-determination and recognition.

His determination and sacrifices have left an indelible mark on the Naga movement, serving as an inspiration to those who aspire for a better future for their people.

RV Ngalangam, the Somdal Women Project Convener, highlighted the village’s indebtedness to Muivah and the various ways in which he has influenced their lives. Alongside the weekly Friday prayer program, the women of Somdal also organize special prayers for Muivah’s health and wisdom, aiming for a swift resolution of the Indo-Naga political issues.

RV Ngalangam expressed optimism, asserting that their sincere prayers and efforts will not be in vain, but will yield the desired outcomes.