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Loumee Lup Demands Fair Compensation for Conflict-Affected Farmland

Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/October 06, 2023 (SPN) | Loumee Lup is advocating for appropriate compensation to be awarded to farmers who have suffered significant losses due to Manipur conflicts.

During a press conference held at the UCM Office in Lamphel, Imphal, Konthoujam Thoiba, the coordinator of five Loumee Lup, emphasized that their independent survey, conducted in collaboration with the Irabot Foundation, estimated potential crop failure on 9719 hectares of agricultural land. They had previously appealed to the State Government to provide fair compensation to affected farmers.

However, the government had approved a compensation package of Rs 38.6 lakh based on a report that assessed only 5127 hectares of agricultural land before July 15.

The five Loumee Lup, a consortium comprising five farmers’ organizations – All Manipur Progressive Farmers Association (AMPFA), Kangleipak Progressive Farmers Association (KPFA), Loyalam Apunba Loumee Lup (LALLUP), Loumee Yaipha Lup (LOYALUP), and Loumi Shinmee Apunba Lup (LOUSAL), operating under the umbrella of COCOMI, has called upon the relevant department to assess the farmland areas affected by recent conflicts that were not included in the recent survey.

Konthoujam Thoiba, the coordinator of the five Loumee Lup, urged the relevant department to make provisions for monetary compensation for farmers whose lands were not covered in the initial survey.

According to their survey conducted until August, out of a total of 31,315 hectares of paddy land assessed, approximately 19,000 hectares of crops were failing. During the harvest season, they called upon the State Government to establish a State Level Monitoring Committee to ensure security measures are in place to prevent unforeseen crop losses.

In light of the crop failures, Loumee Lup appealed to the concerned departments to facilitate the planting of alternative crops. Despite assurances that a Rs 6 crore proposal had been sent to the Centre for this purpose, the alternative crops had not yet reached the affected farmers.

Additionally, Konthoujam Thoiba highlighted the hardships faced by poultry, dairy, and fish farmers who lost their livelihoods due to the destruction of their animal sheds, coops, and livestock. He urged the government to provide means of livelihood to relief camp inmates who have returned to their original settlements after a comprehensive survey.

Thoiba also called for a relief package to alleviate the difficulties faced by both camp inmates and those who have returned home and suggested a waiver of bank loans for displaced individuals.