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LSTB procession to spread messages of Ima Imoinu for 3 days

Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by SPN Editor

Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board (LSTB) will be conducting a procession carrying the messages of Ima Imoinu in the State. For this, a 50-member team of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board will conduct a 3 days procession starting from January 1, which is the 10th day of the Meitei lunar month of Wakching. The Ima Imoinu Numit falls on the 12th day of the Meitei lunar month Wakching, which corresponds to January 3, 2023.

The procession will begin from Lainingthou Sanamahi temple at Haying Khongban Uphong Yumpham at Imphal.

According to a press release from Maisnam Shivdutta, Member Secretary of LSTB, the procession will cover 15 places where Imoinu Irat Thouram will be conducted and the procession team will perform cultural and traditional programmes apart from rituals at the sacred site of Ima Leimarel Sidabi and Lainingthou Sanamahi at Haying Khongban Uphong Yumpham.

The procession and religious programs will be held at 15 places – Tangjeng, Chandon Pokpi, Chairel, Khullakpat, Chairel Mangjin Keithel, Napat (Pombikhok), Wangoo Ahallup Makha Leikai, Sandangkhong, Naodakhong, Thamnapokpi, Saiton, Torbung, and Phousakhai.

All the LSTB members, staff, priests, Pena artists, and singers have been informed to report at Lainingthou Sanamahi temple by 7 am on January 1, 2023.

The procession will enlighten the people of Manipur with the messages of Ima Imoinu, with a special focus on the Yumballon (Meitei homemaker’s rituals and rules).

Besides, the distribution of certificates will be held in different places for those individuals who have returned to the Sanamahi religion. A book will also be distributed to the Sanamahi followers so that they observe the rituals and traditions of Sanamahism from birth to death.

Ima Imoinu
Ima Imoinu Irat Thouram at Koubru peak (pic credit – Shankar Khangembam @E-pao).

Meanwhile, under the supervision of Rajya Sabha MP, Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba, the Umanglai Kanba Apunba Lup (UKAL) and Uttra Sanglen will perform the Ima Imoinu Iratpa thouram at Koubru peak. Several people from the Jiri and Cachar will also take part in the Ima Imoinu Irat thouram at the Koubru peak.

UKAL said that the main objective of celebrating the Ima Imoinu Irat thouram at Koubru peak is to bring prosperity and promote communal harmony.

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