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Manipur CM Biren Stands Strong Against Divisive Forces on Patriots’ Day 2023

Last Updated on August 14, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/August 14, 2023 (SPN) | In a resolute stance against divisive forces challenging Manipur’s integrity, Chief Minister N Biren led a solemn observance of Patriots’ Day 2023 yesterday.

The occasion was marked by heartfelt tributes to the memory of courageous patriots who valiantly defended the sovereignty of Manipur against the mighty British Empire.

The event commenced with Chief Minister N Biren, along with Ministers, MLAs, and distinguished civil and police officials, paying their respects at the memorial tomb of Bir Tikendrajit at Hicham Yaicham Pat, Yaiskul, as part of the Patriots’ Day 2023 observance.

A significant aspect of the observance was the unity demonstrated by dignitaries as they congregated at the Palace Compound. Floral tributes were paid at the Thangal Temple, a symbolic gesture of reverence and unity that resonates with the spirit of Manipur.

A contingent of the 2nd Manipur Rifles presented a solemn general and gun salute, evoking a poignant moment of honor and remembrance.

Chief Minister N Biren expressed the significance of Patriots’ Day, a time to reflect on the indomitable spirit and noble ideals embodied by Manipuri heroes. These valiant individuals challenged the mighty British Empire, standing firm in their commitment to Manipur’s sovereignty. “The Patriots’ Day reminds us of the indomitable spirit and lofty ideals of the Manipuri heroes who sacrificed their lives for the motherland,” Biren affirmed.

Highlighting the importance of carrying forward the legacy of bravery and sacrifice, Chief Minister N Biren called upon the present generation to emulate the footsteps of the valiant heroes. He urged all citizens to unite against any forces detrimental to Manipur’s interests, emphasizing the need for collective dedication to safeguard the state’s integrity.

In response to inquiries regarding the prevailing violence and the path to peace, Chief Minister N Biren reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment. He emphasized that both the Government and the people of Manipur are steadfastly combating divisive forces that seek to disrupt the state’s harmony.

With determination and resilience, Manipur is gradually returning to a state of peace and normalcy, with all sections of society working tirelessly toward this common goal.

Governor Anusuiya Uikey also joined Chief Minister N Biren in paying homage at Kangla Uttra and Shaheed Minar. The Governor stressed the heroic feats of Manipuris during the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891, a testament to their bravery and resolve.

She urged citizens to forsake violence and hatred in favor of love, mutual understanding, and fraternity, promoting an atmosphere of lasting peace.

Chief Minister N Biren also reaffirmed the historical significance of Patriots’ Day. The sacrifices made by leaders such as Bir Tikendrajit and General Thangal in defense of Manipur’s sovereignty serve as an enduring reminder of courage, dedication, and determination.

Their unwavering commitment to the cause continues to inspire future generations, fueling the drive to build a strong and resilient nation.

He also proposed a visionary approach to instilling patriotism and nationalism in the younger generation. He suggested integrating extra-curricular activities like debates and drama competitions, fostering a deeper connection to Manipur’s rich history.

Underpinning his message was a resounding call to end violence and discord, echoing the sentiment that disputes can be resolved through constitutional means.

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