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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

New Delhi/August 15, 2023 (SPN) | While addressing the Nation on the 77th Independence Day celebration, PM Modi said that India stands with Manipur, “I want to tell the people of Manipur that the Country is with you”.

PM Narendra Modi once again assured that his government was making every effort to restore peace in Manipur.

PM Modi provided a comprehensive update on the current situation in Manipur, underscoring India’s commitment to the region’s development and stability.

Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day speech was eagerly anticipated by citizens across India, and it did not disappoint. With a focus on addressing the concerns of the people of Manipur, the Prime Minister highlighted the steps taken by the government to restore normalcy and ensure peace in the region.

In his speech, PM Modi reaffirmed India’s unwavering commitment to peace and stability in Manipur. He emphasized that the government is fully devoted to ensuring the well-being of the people of Manipur and will spare no effort to bring about a positive transformation in the state’s landscape.

This address followed closely on the heels of a no-confidence vote in parliament, which the government had managed to defeat. Opposition leaders had voiced concern over the government’s handling of the Manipur crisis and called for the prime minister’s intervention.

In his speech, PM Modi spoke of India’s ascension to becoming the world’s most populous nation, emphasizing the strengths of “Demography, democracy, and diversity.”

He expressed unwavering confidence in India’s economic trajectory, highlighting its current position as the fifth-largest global economy and projecting a place among the top three within the next five years. The prime minister’s vision for a developed India by its centenary in 2047 resonated throughout his speech.

However, PM Modi’s claims on the post-pandemic economic situation faced scrutiny, particularly considering the inflationary pressures experienced by India’s middle and lower classes.

The recent release of official data revealing a 15-month high in retail inflation further underscored these challenges, as prices of essentials, including vegetables, cereals, and pulses, surged.

Amidst these concerns, the prime minister also addressed the dire impact of natural disasters across several states this year. The northern states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have borne the brunt of heavy rainfall, leading to devastating flash floods and landslides.

PM Modi assured that both state and federal authorities would collaboratively assist affected individuals in rebuilding their lives, thereby acknowledging the resilience of the nation in the face of these calamities.