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MNPF observes 10th raising day amidst calls for indigenous empowerment

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) marked its 10th raising day on March 11 with a call to empower the indigenous people of Manipur. The event was held at the General Headquarters, Battalion Headquarters, and other stations of the MNPF.

The function held at the General Headquarters was attended by high-profile personalities, including chairman John Francis Kashung, secretary SP Kanmi Home, and defense secretary Ahao Jajo. In his speech, John Francis Kashung expressed his gratitude to the Almighty for letting the outfit celebrate its raising day successfully. The gathering also paid homage to the party’s flag and its deceased members.

raising day of MNPF
Celebration of 10th raising day of MNPF.

Speaking on the occasion, John Francis Kashung raised concerns about the state of the economy in Manipur, claiming that outsiders have captured it from top to bottom. He alleged that 80% of the National Highway construction work in Manipur is done by companies or agencies based in other states.

John further stated that 100% of the NDP scheme for water supply, which could be entrusted to local contractors, is also executed by outside companies. He reiterated that the economy of Manipur has been captured by outsiders and warned that the indigenous people of Manipur might disappear if the state depends on India for almost everything.

On the occasion of the raising day, John Francis also offered his salute to the people of Manipur and rebel groups in WESEA region.

Against this backdrop, John Francis Kashung appealed to all the indigenous folks to take concrete steps towards deciding ‘our own fate’ and to set a common goal. He urged rebel groups and CSOs to refrain from engaging in community-based politics if they are to save Manipur. He alleged that India has been scheming to divide the people to fulfill its agenda.

John Francis Kashung also appealed to all concerned to extend help to the freedom movement so as to regain the lost independence of Manipur. He believes that empowering the indigenous people is the only way to prevent Manipur from becoming a vassal state and losing its identity.