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MT Geltam village Chief and another person abducted in Churachandpur for Rs 2 cr ransom

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Two including a village chief were abducted in Churachandpur district on Sunday night around 8 pm. The vehicle used in the crime has also recovered by police this morning. However, the whereabouts of the two abducted persons are yet to known.

According to the source, unidentified gunmen kidnap Kammuanpau H/o Ngaiching of MT Geltam village and Goukhanthang S/o Kamzalian of Khajang village on Saturday night around 8 pm.

Kammuanpau is said to be the chief of MT Geltam village and a founder of Zome Fins Musical Band. The kidnappers reportedly demanded Rs.2 crore for their safe release.

Singhat police in coordination with other security forces has to launch a massive operation to rescue the two kidnapped persons. The police recover a white colour Bolero vehicle used in committing the crime. It is said that the vehicle was recovered near Thinghangjang this morning (June 13). However, the whereabouts of the two persons are yet to known.

Meanwhile, Zome Chiefs’ Association (ZCA) strongly condemns the kidnapping and demands unconditional release. According to ZCA, the unknown gunmen abducted MT Geltam village chief on Saturday night (June 11) and warns the family and villagers of dire consequences if they report the matter to security forces.

“The Zomi Chiefs Association (ZCA) cannot accept such unlawful and inhuman criminality on a Zomi Chief and demand that Pu Kammuanpau be released unconditionally; failing which, ZCA will not remain a mere spectator and will take all necessary measures to secure his release, ” ZCA stated.