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Nasimuddin arrested for manipulating land records

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

A former Circle Mandol of the Revenue Department has been arrested by Police for manipulating land records and fraudulent issuing of pattas in respect of 17-Chaobok village, resulting in the loss of around 19 acres of forest or State land.

The arrested has been identified as Md. Nasimuddin (54), son of Late Md. Tolangou of Kyamgei Muslim Awang Leikai. He is now serving as SDC Chandel. He was serving as circle Mandal in charge of Supervisor Kanungo of Irong Chesaba by that time of issuing Pattas fraudulently and tampering with the village map, police said.

Apart from the present case, Md Nasimuddin is also involved in another case bearing FIR No. 97(5)2022 LPL PS u/S 465 468/471/420 and 120 IPC, relating to the preparation of false Jamabandis and Dag Chitha without the allotment of the DSLR, added the police officer.

Briefing reporters at the conference hall of SP Imphal West, ADGP (LO) Clay Khongsai said that on May 27 last SDO Lilong, Angom Shijaliembi Chanu reported that the land record of 17-Chaobok Sheet No. 4 has been found tempered/manipulated and Pattas have been found fraudulently prepared without any authority in respect of various Dag Numbers Old Dag including Dag No. 3078, New Dag No. 3131, 3566, 3614, Old Dag No.3078, New Dag No 3331, etc by Th.Nipamacha Singh (now retired SK) of Lilong Shantipur, Shah Daud Khan (under suspension LA SK) of Lilong Bazar Near Oil Pump, Md Allauddin Khan (Mandol) of Lilong Kaleikhong Makhong, and other accomplices who have fabricated the official records in their favour.

The SDO requested immediate necessary action against them, following an FIR No. 34(5)2022 LIL PSU/s 465/466/468/471/34 IPC added 420/409 IPC was registered. During the course of the investigation of the case, Md. Allauddin (55), son of Late Md Ajid Ali of Lilong Turel Ahanbi Kaleikhong Makha (Mandol), Md Shah Daud Khan (50) son of (L) Md. Inder Rahaman of Lilong Bazar near Oil Pump (SK) and Thiyam Nipamacha Singh (65), son of (L) Th. Thambatangou Singh of Thiyam Konjil Maning Leikai (retired SK) were arrested in connection with the case in June this year, Clay Khongsai said.

md nasimmudin
Md. Nasimuddin was arrested for manipulating land records in Manipur

They were thoroughly interrogated while they were in police custody. From the interrogation, it came to light that the accused in collusion with some other staff have issued 35 numbers of fabricated/fake pattas to private individuals, resulting in the loss of around 19 acres of forest or State land. Village No.17-Chaobok Sheet No. 4 Pattas were fraudulently prepared by Md. Nasimuddin, son of (L) Md. Tolangou of Kyamgei Muslim Awang Leikai, Mandal who was in charge of SK Irong Chesaba at that time vide mutation case No. 9/SDO/L dated January 17, 2020. Md. Nasimuddin is now posted at SDC, Chandel, and has been evading police arrest as he was on leave on medical grounds, the police officer divulged.

He further said, in addition to the case, an FIR No. 33(04)2021 TBL-PS u/s 409/420/120-8 IPC was registered at Thoubal PS on a letter by OC, Thoubal regarding conversion of Agriculture land to Ingkhol class without proper approval. In the course of the investigation, five accused persons have been arrested including the then Supervisor Kanangoo and Mandal of SDC Office Lilong. Their statements have been recorded, he conveyed.

The police officer elaborated that while checking land records both at the level of SDO Lilong and the Directorate of Settlement discrepancies in the land record and mutation without any authorization, 14 land records have been entered as Ingkhol in computerized records were tampered blatantly by revenue official.

On examination, the arrested accused persons who are staff of the then SOO office revealed that Md. Nasimudin, the then circle Mandal of 16-Lilong involved in manipulating land records played a very critical role in the criminal activities in the cases.