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Non-Cooperation Movement from October 18 Announced

Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/October 04, 2023 (SPN) | Expressing frustration over the failure and inaction of both the Indian and State governments in response to continuous attacks on the innocent Meitei people by Chin Kuki militants and Myanmar-based terrorists over the past five months, a “people’s non-cooperation movement” is set to commence on October 18.

Sanabam (O) Tamphaibema, the secretary of Keishamthong Top Leirak Maning Meira Paibi, conveyed this announcement during a press conference. movement will be organized under the aegis of the Committee on People’s Non-Cooperation Movement.

Tamphaibema emphasized that the movement will persist until the following demands are met: the banning and prosecution of ITLF, KSO, CoTU, and Myanmar-based terrorists who have been engaging in hostilities against innocent Meiteis; the eradication of poppy plantations; and the complete disarmament of Chin Kuki armed cadres before the recovery of arms from Meitei volunteers.

Pointing out a disparity where government employees in Churachandpur receive salaries without fulfilling their job responsibilities while the “no work, no pay” rule applies in Imphal, Tamphaibema urged all government employees in various establishments and institutions to join the non-cooperation movement.

The Committee on Non-Cooperation Movement Manipur (CNCM), as part of its ongoing efforts to exert pressure on the government to resolve the ongoing crisis, has declared that every 3rd of the month will be designated as “Black Day” until a resolution is achieved.

In response to the current situation, the committee initiated a non-cooperation movement on October 18 and marked October 3 as “Black October.” Tamphaibema added that the committee’s activities would escalate if the Government of India failed to take action to resolve the crisis.

She clarified that essential services and media would not be included in the non-cooperation movement.