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Olivia Rodrigo and Sheryl Crow Unite for a Soulful Duet of ‘If It Makes You Happy’ at Nashville

Last Updated on October 3, 2023 by SPN Editor

In a captivating and unexpected musical rendezvous, the talented singer-songwriters Olivia Rodrigo and Sheryl Crow took center stage at Nashville’s renowned Bluebird Café.

This surprise performance treated the audience to an intimate and acoustic rendition of Sheryl Crow’s iconic hit, “If It Makes You Happy.”

The 20-year-old sensation, Olivia Rodrigo, couldn’t contain her excitement as she shared a sneak peek of this extraordinary duet with her fans. Accompanied by a delightful snapshot of both artists seated in salon chairs, holding Vogue Magazines, Rodrigo’s Instagram post was filled with enthusiasm: “Pinch me! Sang one of my all-time favorite songs with the legendary @sherylcrow!!! What an honor!!!!”

The performance was a testament to the remarkable talent of both artists, with Rodrigo and Crow delivering a heartfelt rendition of the song’s iconic chorus. Seated side by side on the cozy stage of the Bluebird Café, the duo’s harmonious voices were complemented by Crow’s masterful guitar playing.

Sheryl Crow, equally thrilled by the impromptu collaboration, shared Rodrigo’s post on her own Instagram account, lavishing praise on the young artist’s brilliance and talent. Crow described Rodrigo as “the loveliest young woman” and expressed her admiration for her musical prowess.

Crow further extended her appreciation for Rodrigo’s exceptional vocal skills on her Instagram Story, simply stating, “She is truly amazing, y’all!”

This enchanting musical encounter between Sheryl Crow and Olivia Rodrigo marked a joyous reunion, as they first crossed paths at Billboard’s 2022 Women in Music event. During the event, Sheryl Crow had the privilege of presenting Olivia Rodrigo with the prestigious “Woman of the Year” award.

Reflecting on this achievement during an interview with ET on that special night, Olivia Rodrigo was overwhelmed with gratitude. She described the experience as “absolutely surreal” and expressed her profound appreciation for all the support she had received. Rodrigo also hinted at exciting future endeavors, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more remarkable music.

When asked what advice she would offer her younger self, Olivia Rodrigo emphasized the value of hard work and resilience, assuring that “everything’s gonna work out.”

Olivia Rodrigo recently unveiled her highly anticipated sophomore album, “Guts,” earlier this month. The album’s release was preceded by the introduction of three captivating singles.

Notably, the song “Vampire,” released in June, generated considerable buzz as fans speculated about its inspiration, with many connecting it to Rodrigo’s former flame, Zack Bia. However, in a candid interview with GQ, Bia dismissed these speculations, affirming that he didn’t believe the song was about him. He explained that the internet had misinterpreted the song’s meaning.

In his conversation with GQ, Zack Bia clarified that he did not consider “Vampire” a personal reflection on their relationship and suggested that it might be part of a fictional narrative. He shed light on their amicable parting, emphasizing that their busy schedules had played a role in their decision to end the relationship.

Bia also expressed admiration for “Vampire,” acknowledging its resonance as a hit song. He commended the track’s emotional depth and its status as a powerful summertime heartbreak anthem.

It’s worth noting that Olivia Rodrigo’s music has frequently stirred curiosity about her personal life. Many of the songs on her debut album were associated with her previous relationship with Joshua Bassett, her co-star from “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

In 2021, she was romantically linked to 26-year-old producer Adam Faze, but their relationship concluded in early 2022. Subsequently, Rodrigo briefly dated Zack Bia before their amicable separation in August 2022.