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Matt Gaetz Wants to Remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by SPN Editor

Florida/October 02, 2023 (SPN) | Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida has expressed his intention to file a motion to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his leadership position.

This announcement follows McCarthy’s recent collaboration with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown, a decision that has sparked considerable discontent among conservative factions.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gaetz expressed his frustration with Speaker McCarthy’s actions, asserting that McCarthy had repeatedly violated an agreement made with House conservatives back in January.

Matt Gaetz decried McCarthy’s willingness to cooperate with Democrats, which he viewed as undermining the spending limits set by conservative members. According to Gaetz, this breach of trust is the last straw.

Gaetz stated firmly, “I plan to file a motion to vacate against Speaker McCarthy this week. It’s time to make a clean break and usher in new leadership that we can rely on.”

This move by Gaetz escalates an ongoing feud between McCarthy and the conservative wing of the Republican party. McCarthy’s path to securing the Speaker role earlier this year was marked by challenges, requiring an astonishing 15 rounds of votes in January to secure his position.

As part of the agreement to become Speaker, only one member was granted the ability to advance a motion to remove him—a condition that has forced him to walk a tightrope between appeasing conservative members and fulfilling his governing duties.

In response to Gaetz’s announcement, McCarthy remained resolute, saying, “This is nothing new. Yes, I will endure this challenge. You see, this is personal for Matt. Matt opposed the most conservative approach to securing our border. It appears he’s more interested in securing TV interviews than taking substantive actions.”

McCarthy’s decision to collaborate with Democrats in passing a continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown may now jeopardize his position as Speaker. Matt Gaetz has been hinting at the possibility of McCarthy’s removal almost daily.

Representative Eli Crane of Arizona, another staunch Republican known for his unwavering positions, expressed his support to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy in response to Gaetz’s announcement.

In light of McCarthy’s reluctance to collaborate with the Democratic faction and his initiation of an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, most Democrats appear dubious about endorsing McCarthy’s leadership. Nonetheless, some moderate Democrats may entertain the notion of supporting McCarthy in exchange for concessions.

The imminent week looms as a pivotal juncture in McCarthy’s tenure as Speaker of the House, characterized by intense deliberations within the ranks of House Democrats and the looming specter of a motion to vacate. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic representative, has publicly declared her intention to cast her vote against McCarthy, denouncing him as an ineffectual Speaker who has ceded control over his caucus.

Gaetz’s strategy hinges on Democrats either casting their ballots against McCarthy or entering into negotiations with him to secure his ongoing incumbency. The outcome remains veiled in uncertainty, yet it carries the potential to recalibrate the dynamics of leadership within the House of Representatives.

Former President Donald Trump has weighed in on the situation, opting not to take sides but expressing esteem for both Gaetz and McCarthy. The House is presently in recess until Monday, affording Gaetz the earliest opportunity to submit his motion, thereby initiating a two-day window within which leadership may schedule the pivotal vote.

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