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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Love them or hate them, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Manipur Pradesh and Youth Athletic Development Association (YADA) Lilong is taking the role of a Whistleblower to fight against drugs. The Operation Sangaiyumpham led by Thoubal Police, BJYM, and YADA must be acknowledged by the State Government.

The said operation successfully nabbed the drug peddlers and gave a clear message that if citizens took part in the War on Drugs, then we could easily teach the drug smugglers and peddlers a lesson. The government must encourage and reward the team involved in Operation Sangaiyumpham.

YADA has been working tirelessly for the last few years to destroy the drug manufacturing factories in Lilong and other areas. Besides supporting the State Police in arresting drug smugglers.

This time the role of BJYM led by State unit President Manoharmayum Barish Sharma in tackling drug smugglers is highly commendable. While performing the task, the youth political wing of the ruling BJP government has to face several obstacles.

A few days ago, their vehicle was intercepted by the local at Moirang when the team went to nab drug peddlers. They were at the receiving end when the combined team of media, YADA, and BJYM conducting a drive at Hatta Golapati were attacked by Drug dealers.

Several volunteers and media persons were injured in the drive. However, the spirit of the young team did not deter such obstacles and they have continued the War on Drugs. The volunteer team has led to the arrest of several drug peddlers and drug abusers.

The actions of BJYM and YADA have been appreciated by the people of Manipur and lend support to the team. Except for supporters of a few political parties, many have encouraged the team to go ahead and perform another Operation Sangaiyumpham.

All stakeholders must join the campaign which is fuelled by the firebrand BJYM Manipur team and root out the drug menace from the State. We have faith in the team that they will expose the Drug lords and kingpins who are doing drug-related business in terms of Crores of rupees.

Till now, the BJYM-led drive against the drug peddlers has successfully and smoothly performed in Kshetrigao, Khurai Ahongei, Kyamgei Muslim, Hatta Golapati, Moirang, Thangmeiband, and Sangaiyumfam, leading to the arrest of drug peddlers and recover of drugs and tablets.

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High-level meeting of BJYM and YADA with top-level State Police

Many have questioned why BJYM takes the law into its own hand. The actions of the team are done after consulting the law-enforcing bodies. Supporting the War on drugs 2.0 under the supervision of CM N Biren, a high-level close door meeting was held at Imphal West district police station Which was attended by IPS Khabib K, IW SP Ksh Shivakanta, IE SP Pradip, and other concern district police officers along with BJYM team led by Manohormayum Barish Sharma and YADA team for smooth functioning.

The message is clear from the youth wing of the BJP. “Keep us informed, let’s find out and wash out every single Drug Dealers”. Let there be more operations in the days ahead.