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Remembering 13 August is the need of the hour

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Today is 13 August, this day is very special for the 30 lakhs people of Manipur. We cannot take this day lightly. The Patriots Day or Athoubasingi Numit is observed every year to remember the supreme sacrifice and dedication of our brave forefathers. On this day, 131 years ago, our brave forefathers were hanged by the British in 1891.

Manipur, a powerful kingdom along the Myanmar border was one of the 3 kingdoms besides Tripura and Ahom who ruled the Far eastern boundaries of British India. Manipur kingdom has helped the British defeat Burma (now Myanmar) and is the only ally to suppress other tribes – The Lushais and Nagas in the region.

However, the political ambitions among the princes of Manipur kingdom led to the defeat of Manipur’s sovereignty and freedom. The land is further divided into valley and hills, problems were created to bring more gaps among the indigenous people.

We have seen the worst phase of our State. The Manipur kingdom which expands upto Yunan province of China, the Kabaw Valley in Myanmar and the Surma Valley in Assam is now fighting for 22,327 sq km of political boundaries. This was again challenged by separatists to divide into 3 parts – the Kuknalim, the Zogam, and the remaining Imphal valley.

We as a Manipuri today wanted to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur (22,327 sq km). While doing so, we need to remember the role and contributions of our forefathers, irrespective of the communities who fought for Manipur.

The present BJP government led by CM N Biren left no stone unturned to unite the people. Last year on 13 August, a monolith was installed under his initiative to remember the unsung heroes of Anglo Manipur War of 1891. The brave forefathers who were exiled to Kalapani were remembered and given their proper place in the history of Manipur.

Today, we need to come forward, unitedly and fought the incomplete war for our Manipur, the dream started by our brave forefathers for a united and peaceful Manipur. We should fight those individuals and the organizations who are hell-bent on breaking the integrity of the State.

The true meaning of observing 13 August is to pledge that we must unite and fight the enemy of the State which is disintegrating the land.

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