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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

The proscribed Revolutionary Peoples’ Front (RPF) Assistant Secretary Publicity, Bangkim in a press release said that the party has awarded the death penalty to two rapists.

The two individuals who were awarded the death sentences by the outfit have been identified as Khangembam Sanjoy Singh alias Athoi alias Pambei (28), son of Kh. Manglemba Singh of Kumbi Setapur, Maning Leikai and Leishangthem Khomei (53), son of Late L. Bidhu Singh of Haraorok Mayai Lekai, Imphal East.

Bangkim also expressed heartfelt resentment over the media report about the incident of raping a girl by a cadre of UG at Takhel Sanjenbam hill at gunpoint and shared to the grief of the victim’s family. The party stands with the victim’s family and justice will be delivered soon.

Clarifying the duo, RPF said that following a request by the accused rapist Khangembam Sanjoy Singh of Kumbi Setapur, Maning Leikai to join the outfit three months back, he was put under probation with no assignment.

In view of the inconveniences, while transporting weapons in the valley area in the current law and order condition, the 9mm pistol which claims to have been seized was handed over to him.

RPF has nothing to do with Leishangthem Khomei (53yrs) son of (late) L. Bidhu Singh of Haraorok Mayai Lekai who was jailed in connection with the rape case. RPF has no room for any rapist. The party seriously takes the issue of raping a girl in the eyes of her father at Takhel Sanjembam in September. It has been established that the incident was preplanned by Khomei and Sanjoy, it added.

The press statement further mentioned that the death penalty for two rapists will be executed soon, who used the revolutionary’s name to carry out the inhuman activity are the enemy of the party as well as the society. Capital punishment is the only punishment reserved for rapists in the party’s rule book.