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Safety measures for Yaoshang festival – SP Ksh Shivakanta

Last Updated on March 4, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal West SP, Ksh Shivakanta, has informed the media today at his official chamber that no one is permitted to carry a licensed gun during the Yaoshang festival.

He added that Strict action will be taken against violators found in possession of firearms. Imphal West DC has already issued a notice for submission of licensed guns to the nearest police station. However, if anyone has a threat perception, there will be room for relaxation for their safety.

During the festival, road rage, accidents, and crime rates tend to be high, so parents must be vigilant with their children. Shivakanta advises parents to call back their kids before it gets too late in the night, even if they have attended the Yaoshang festival. He further emphasizes that it is always best to take precautionary measures before any untoward incidents during the five-day festival from March 7 to 11.

SP Shivakanta also warns Yaoshang revelers not to take intoxicants and drive during the festival, and to ensure that the modesty of women is not harmed. To control crime against women during the festival, there will be a special Women’s police cell that will patrol the area.

Yaoshang festival
Police will curb Thouri Thatpa during Yaoshang Festival.

Furthermore, girls should not block roads and beg for money (Yaoshang Thouri Thatpa), as it causes hindrance to emergency vehicles and services, and increases the chances of accidents. Police will arrest those who block roads during the festival.

For those clubs organizing Yaoshang sports, Shivakanta requests that the organizers restrict the events to club grounds only and not come out on the roads. Police will also be vigilant about drinking and driving as well as overspeeding, and proper action will be taken against violators.

The organizers of Thabal Chongba must take prior permission from the concerned DC and end the program within the stipulated time granted by the DC. Police will check every Thabal program to verify permission, and organizers who host the program without permission will be pulled up along with the musical instruments, sounds, and lights.

Lastly, Ksh Shivakanta wishes the general public to cooperate with the police in curbing road mishaps, saving precious lives, and ensuring a peaceful celebration of the Yaoshang festival.

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