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No compromise on the ongoing movement to uproot drugs in the State – Imphal East SP Ksh Shivakanta

Last Updated on March 31, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal East SP Ksh Shivakanta affirmed that Manipur Police is joining the ongoing movement to uproot drugs with a non-compromising spirit.

In an anti-drug campaign and awareness program ” Ereichasing Mikap Thoklasi” organized by The Lamyanba Irabot Memorial Integrated Trust at the Manipur Press Club on Thursday, Shivakanta committed to eradicating the drug menace at his best level.

During his speech, Shivakanta highlighted that drugs have badly hit Manipuri society, and the state government has launched a War on Drugs and a series of movements to uproot drugs from society. The police have been conducting extensive drives to destroy poppy plantations with the support of the people.

Due to the unabated drive against drugs, there have been reports of drug seizures and the destruction of poppy plantations almost daily.

SP Shivakanta also noted that drug traders adopt various tactics to transport contraband items, making it difficult for the police to seize drugs.

movement to uproot drugs
The ongoing war on Drugs is a movement to uproot drugs in the State.

However, the overwhelming support from the people and their active participation in anti-drug drives have enabled the police to seize drugs by getting information from the people on time.

Shivakanta acknowledged that police face challenges in destroying poppy plants grown on sloppy hills, but this does not deter them from executing their task of destroying the illegal plants.

He stated that drug abusers exist in every locality and dissociating them from society is not a solution. They need to be rehabilitated and mainstreamed, which takes time. Merely putting them in a rehabilitation center for one month is not a solution.

The Manipur Police’s participation in the anti-drug movement will help to create awareness about the detrimental effects of drugs and ensure that the people of Manipur can live drug-free life.