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Sagang Baptist Church Clarifies Speech Directed Towards Kom People

Last Updated on April 3, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Sagang Baptist Church has spoken out in defense of Missionary Takhellambam Ramananda, after a short clip from his speech at a Gospel Outreach program held at Sagang Bazar on March 26 caused controversy.

The church clarified that Ramananda’s speech was directed towards the Kom people who have embraced Christianity and was aimed at creating a better understanding of the religion among this particular community.

Speaking to reporters at Sagang Bazar, Sagang Baptist Church Evangelist Akhup Kom maintained that Missionary Ramananda’s speech was not directed against any community, but was intended to make the Christians of Sagang true Christians.

He went on to say that it was unfortunate that some people had been trying to incriminate Ramananda by uploading a short clip of a lengthy speech given by him at the program.

Akhup Kom appealed to all concerned not to make false accusations against Missionary Ramananda, and to listen to the full speech delivered by him on the day to understand it properly. He also asked people not to blame any community for the particular incident.

The controversy surrounding Takhellambam Ramananda’s speech has highlighted the importance of clear communication and understanding when it comes to religion.

It is important to remember that different communities may have different beliefs and practices, and it is essential to respect these differences.