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UNACCO School Sends Greeting Card to Laishram Deviya

Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by SPN Editor

In a heartwarming gesture, UNNACO School in Chanung Imphal East sent a “Get Well Soon Deviya” greeting card to the 4th-grade student of Target English School Leimaram, Laishram Deviya, who is currently battling a kidney ailment.

The 11-year-old has been admitted to the female medicine ward on the 4th floor of JNIMS, bed number 27, since May 24. The JNIMS relief committee expressed gratitude to the school for their encouraging act.

In a show of solidarity, Maibam Sheileja, the Principal of UNNACO Residential School, Chanung also contributed Rs. 15,000 collected from the staff and students. Students of the UNNACO school also visited Laishram Deviya on her bed in the JNIMS Hospital.

Adding to the wave of support, the visits of UNACCO students have brought immense joy to Deviya, who is currently awaiting a kidney transplant. The sight of familiar faces and the ‘Get Well Soon’ greeting card from the UNNACO school have fulfilled Deviya’s longing to meet her friends. These gestures have not only brightened her spirits but also strengthened her resolve to fight her health battle.

Deviya’s home was attacked and burnt by narco Kuki terrorists on May 3, and she is now awaiting a kidney transplant.

To further assist with Deviya’s treatment, donations are being accepted via GPay at 8132827565 under the username Laishram Sanathoi. Your contribution can significantly impact Deviya’s life and recovery.

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