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Security Lapses and Intelligence Failures for Violence in Manipur-CM

Last Updated on May 22, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/May 22, 2023 (SPN) | Chief Minister N Biren, speaking at the Anti-Terrorism Day observation in Manipur yesterday, accepts security lapses and intelligence failures that contributed to the recent violence in Manipur.

He appealed to the people not to blame any particular community for the unrest and emphasized that the incidents stemmed from resistance and grievances toward the state government’s activities.

The Chief Minister took responsibility for the violence in Manipur and urged the public to express their grievances to the government for resolution.

CM N Biren emphasized that the government’s focus is on restoring peace and normalcy in the state. He encouraged unity and brotherhood among the various communities, stating that conflicts can occur even among family members.

The Chief Minister expressed sadness over people fleeing their homes due to fear of violence in Manipur and assured their safe return, with the government covering their ticket fare and providing secure accommodations.

Efforts to restore peace and normalcy are underway, supervised by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Security Advisor Kuldiep Singh. The government has deployed army and paramilitary forces to reopen blocked roads and highways.

Steps are being taken to collect arms from militants and ensure their compliance with the agreed rules. Biren emphasized the need to prevent communal tension and disregard comments that could create distrust or hatred among communities.

The Chief Minister called on all 35 communities in Manipur to live together peacefully and highlighted the importance of mutual love and understanding in preserving the unity of Manipur.

He advised against organizing rallies or protests that could hurt the sentiments of other communities. Biren reassured the public that the government is addressing relief camp needs and providing support to those affected by the violence.

Power Minister Thongam Biswajit also emphasized the need for unity in the fight against terrorism and urged forgiveness and participation in restoring peace.

Biswajit has urged the people of Manipur, both residents within the state and those living outside, to prioritize finding a solution for communal harmony.

He emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence and called for collective efforts to resolve conflicts and promote peace in the region.