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Stop looting people during economic blockade

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The system of looting people must be checked and legal action initiated by the concerned authority. Whenever there is an economic blockade or Highway closed due to landslides, petrol pumps in the state as well as the shops started looting people openly. They will increase the price of the essential goods, even though the godown is flooded with supplies which will last for a month.

Just 2 days of the Economic blockade called by All Tribal Students Union of Manipur (ATSUM), many petrol pumps in the city are found closed, announcing stock Nil. We are very much aware that the government has kept the stocks of petrol and diesel in full. Selfish black marketers and hoarders quickly take the opportunity, looting people.

This time, the BJP led government is a step ahead in curbing them. When most of the petrol pumps are seen closed, The CAF & PD Minister L Susindro announced to the public that there are enough stock of petrol and other essential items in the State. He further requested the public to stop panic buying.

The Minister after carefully affirming the stocks said that the State has 16 day stock of petrol, 31 day stock of diesel and food items are in stock for next 15 days. The selling of petrol and diesel in black market must be checked and the department must try to control them.

The artificial price hike in the state is a common story for Manipur which is paralysed with frequent bandh and economic blockade along the National Highways. With the coming of N Biren led government, the people are experiencing bandh, blockade free Manipur since last 5 years. Except for few occasion like the recently concluded Economic Blockade called by ATSUM, the state has stayed far away from the Economic Blockade since the marathon 100 days blockade during the Congress regime.

Common people have suffered drastically with the shortages of essential commodities, even one litre of petrol was costing Rs 200-300 and LPG touched Rs 2000 when the normal price was less than Rs 60 and Rs 400 respectively during economic blockade in 2011.

The present government must take severe action against those petrol pumps, to the extent of cancelling their license if found to be closed despite having stocks. The CAF&PD Minister has also appealed the public to inform his Department officials if they found such petrol pumps which are found closed.

Those who came to take advantage of the present situation must be branded as Enemy of the State too!

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