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Stop playing politics over ADC Bill – Dipu

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

HAC Chairman Dinganglung (Dipu) Gangmei expressed concern that certain vested interest groups and individuals were playing politics over ADC bill with a hidden agenda to destabilise the government. He cautioned the CSOs of Manipur to not fall in such traps. The delay in ADC elections was due to certain reasons such as the rainy season and COVID pandemic, he added.

The HAC recommended Autonomous District Councils (ADC) Amendment Bill, 2021 will be tabled in the state Assembly after ensuring that the bill is politically feasible, socially acceptable and legally sustainable, HAC chairman Dinganglung Gangmei (Dipu) said on Sunday.

Speaking on the ADC Bill issue during an exclusive interview to a Elite TV channel, Dipu Gangmei assured that the Hill Areas Committee will take views and suggestions from all the stakeholders in Manipur.

The HAC chairman said that no efforts were taken up to empower the districts councils in the last 50 years since their inception.

“I believe that they will be empowered this time in a constructive way. It is also the concern of the chief minister,” he said.

However, exercises have started for the conduct of the ADC election after being approved by the state cabinet, he said, adding, “I believe that the ADC elections will be conducted within two-three months.”

The present HAC having 20 members, all from the treasury bench, is a golden opportunity for the state to close the inequality gap between the hills and valley, he said.

The HAC has also improved a lot with special emphasis from the Chief Minister N Biren, Gangmei said.

Dipu explained that the HAC was set up for economic development, protecting the social customs, tradition and culture of the tribal communities and its main purpose is overall development of Manipur. The Bill needs to be politically feasible, socially acceptable, and legally sustainable, he added.

“If we preview the state from its historical perspective and the solid foundations, there will be no mistrust among the ethnic groups and will not be easily influenced by some vested interest groups who are playing politics over ADC Bill,” he said.

Gangmei said HAC members are newly elected and are still young in their fields. “Doors of HAC are always open for healthy suggestions and opinions,” he said.

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