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Surrendered Irom Ibotombi an absconder after misappropriating party fund – RPF

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

The proscribed revolutionary group Revolutionary Peoples Front (RPF) has issued a clarification that Lt. Colonel, Irom Ibotombi @ Keirungba @ Chingkhei who surrender to the government today is an absconder after misappropriating a huge amount of the party’s fund.

A clarification statement issued by Bangkim, Assistant Secretary, Publicity of Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), stated that Lt.Colonel, Irom Ibotombi @ Keirungba @ Chingkhei, aged about 56, son of (L) Irom Guno of Nambol Thangtek had been absconding after the outfit found that he had misappropriated a sum of Rs. 13,41,500/- which was supposed to be distributed to the party cadres.

“Initially, he (Irom Ibotombi) was assigned for distribution of money to the party cadres. However, on suspicion of his insincerity, the misappropriation of the party fund was found out during an investigation carried out by the Finance department of the RPF “, it stated.

The statement said that surrender of such an insincere cadre to the government will not make the party demoralized.

The statement further stated that RPF sticks to its stance that it will not engage in talks with the government without the issue of Sovereignty. It is cheap propaganda by Manipur government to appease its Delhi master by magnifying the surrender drama as a huge achievement.

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