Eenat Yokkhat Lup disciplines caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev temple

Eenat Yokkhat Lup

Strongly condemning the misrepresentation of Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon by the caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev, Eenat Yokkhat Lup disciplined the caretaker from Kamranga in Khuningthek, Jiribam. The incident happened on February 7 to 13 when a Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev caretaker engaged the Maiba, Maibi, and Pena during the ceremony, which is not … Read more

Discourse on Umang Lai Haraoba held

Discourse held on Umang Lai Haraoba to safeguard the culture

Manipur University of Culture (MUC) vice chancellor Paonam Gunindro on Sunday called for all concerned to timely intervene in the apparent alterations that have been made in the outlook of ‘the Umang Lai Haraoba’ festival even if there are no visible changes in its ritual aspects. He was speaking as the chief guest during a … Read more

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