Laisha Tanba – traditional rights of foothill villages

Laisha tanba of Waikhong village

The traditional rights of Laisha Tanba or Laisha Tamba of Waikhong village to Ima Thumkhong Lairembi and Ibudhou Apokpa is an important ritual. This ritual is also performed among other Loi villages of Phayeng, Andro and Kakching, etc. The Laisha Tanba signifies that these Loi villages of Waikhong, Phayeng, and Andro are the sole owner … Read more

Why Waikhong Laifamlen must be protected for the preservation of Meetei religion – WLPDC

Traditional boundary of Waikhong village

The hill ranges starting with Phandu peak and the Maning ching of Waikhong village have several Meetei Laifamlen. There are around 25 Laifamlen in the hills of Waikhong village which must be protected. A tete a tete with Publicity Secretary, Hidam Thomba Meitei of Waikhong Laifamlen Protection Demand Committee (WLPDC) said that Waikhong village is … Read more

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