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The Signpost cannot be threatened into submission

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

A Twitter account that goes by the name D J Haokip, having Twitter handle @HaokipDj tweeted threatening the editor of Signpost News to disclose the identity of Thangboi Zou by saying that they will take their own course of action if the identity is not disclosed.

More than this, he is using unparliamentary language like “Communal bastard” and blamed the writer for creating animosity and communal tension on repeated occasions in this portal.

This tweet was tagged with the recent opinion article sent to our media house by Thangboi Zou (thangboiszou@gmail.com).

At Signpost News, we received unsolicited articles regularly. It is the responsibility of the Editor to select those thought-provoking articles to be published in the interest of our readers. The article titled “Let us not fall into the trap of Mark Haokip and his accomplices” contributed by Thangboi Zou is also a good article that appreciates the recent changes brought by BJP government in Churachandpur. The article is worth publishing on our webpage for our readers who are supporting the transformative changes in the district.

The article also alerted the common people not to go communal and focus on living together in the state. We feel sorry to learn that some people are hurt by this article which gives a lot of useful information and updates on the Churachandpur district.

We request D J Haokip to point out where the article in the Signpost news is communal.

Lastly, he should know that there are ethics called professional ethics. We are bound by this and we can’t disclose the identity of the contributors.

Unless he points out how the article is communal, we will be forced to take up legal action