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To be Hindi or not to be Hindi in Northeast

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Introducing Hindi in Northeast Indian states is creating unrest among the students. Learning someone’s else language means controlling them. When The Britishers arrived in Manipur they hired local translators to know our weakness, strength and everything to colonise us. Similarly, when the wandering sadhu from Sylhet, Shantidas Gosai planned to destroy Meetei civilizations, he prepared himself to be one of us. For this he spent almost a year learning our language, culture, lifestyles. Then he was successful in destroying our civilization. Thus, language plays an important role in colonising, suppressing and destroying the civilization.

On the other hand, learning someone else language is a wonderful experience. if we communicate each other, life is beautiful, peaceful and developed. Imagine what would happen if we entered into a wild jungles of barbaric inhabitants. How will we communicate among ourselves? What will be our fate? Only if someone could communicate effectively then we will be able to understand each others.

Question of introducing Hindi in Northeast Indian States is welcome with a mixed opinions. If we wish to be a frog in the well and stay away from other parts of the country, we do not need to learn any languages – be it English or Hindi. Let us speak our own languages. No one can forced us to learn what we don’t want.

In some state like Arunachal Pradesh, Hindi is the main bridge of different ethnic communities to communicate among themselves. For the rural students and general people, English is not the best option. It is easier for them to use Hindi, rather than English. Let Hindi be one of the easiest language to score high marks in examinations as well.

Hindi is third most spoken language in the Word after English and Mandarin. This language is much sought after language by foreign students admitted in Indian universities. When we are ready to learn Russian, Spanish, Germany, what is the harm in learning Hindi?

However,learning Hindi will greatly benefit future generations from these region. The racial discrimination often meted to our people in India’s city is mainly due to our languages and lack of communication skills in Hindi. Without proper training and education, we pick up few Hindi words from the movies and dramas. We speak their languages without proper accent.

When we learn Hindi properly in schools, we will speak Hindi fluently which is a powerful weapon for those who are staying in other Indian cities for education and jobs. We will be closer to them. Moreover, there might be possibility of more jobs creation specially for our people. For Hindi to be introduced in Northeast states, around 22,000 Hindi teachers are also in the process of recruitment. Special arrangement must be made to give these jobs to the locals only.

While doing so, our governments and stakeholders must also consider promoting our own languages. There should not be any cultural invasion in the process.

The eight Northeast state must propose the Centre to reserve few seats in Delhi Universities other prestigious Institutes for those students who are excellent in Hindi languages in their school exams. This way, our students also get more opportunities to seek admission in the best colleges of the Country. To be Hindi or not to be Hindi has nothing to do with the imposition in our land. It is a way to empower the future generations.

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