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Torbung is Part of Moirang Kangleirol – Nishikanta

Last Updated on August 9, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ August 09, 2023 (SPN) | MLA Nishikant Singh Sapam shed light on the historical importance of Torbung, intricately tied to the Moirang Kangleirol narrative of Khamba and Thoibi.

In a recent TV discussion on News9, he highlighted the connection between this place and the legendary Moirang King’s story.

Discussing the Kuki groups’ intention to hold a mass burial at Torbung, MLA Nishikant pointed out that the desired burial site belongs to the government and houses a sericulture farm. Emphasizing the historical relevance of Torbung in Manipur, he elaborated on its significance in the Moirang Kangleirol tale of Khamba and Thoibi.

Clarifying the land ownership issue, he stressed that the claimed land patta had not received clearance and settlement. Furthermore, he noted that the High Court had issued a directive to maintain the status quo in the region.

MLA Nishikant delved into the August 3 High Court order, which halted the Kuki groups’ plan for a mass burial of conflict victims at Torbung on that particular day.

Regarding recent violent incidents, he lamented the tragic killing of a Meitei family by Kuki miscreants in the Kwakta area adjacent to Torbung. The devastating event occurred on May 5, as three Meiteis, including a father and son, were brutally shot and mutilated while asleep in their homes.

Highlighting a statement by the Solicitor General of India in the Supreme Court, MLA Nishikant drew attention to the involvement of foreign fighters from across the border in the ongoing conflict.

He underscored the presence of armed illegal immigrants, asserting that unclaimed bodies often belonged to infiltrators with ulterior motives.

MLA Nishikant expressed a fervent desire to quell the violence and transform Manipur into a renowned hub for its rich culture, dance, and Thang-Ta, as well as a powerhouse of sports. Notably, 80-90% of sports personalities from the North East hail from Manipur.

He celebrated the unique Meitei tribe, distinguished by their distinct script and historical introduction of Polo to the world.

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