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Torch Rally in Sugnu Aimed at Uprooting Drug Menace

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

A torch rally was held on April 15 night with the objective of eradicating the drug menace in and around Sugnu area.

Sugnu Constituency MLA K Ranjit led the rally organized by the Anti Drugs Committee Sugnu AC and Adjoining Areas of Churachandpur, Chandel and Bishnupur District. The rally saw the participation of scores of both valley and hill brethren.

According to MLA K Ranjit, many secret passages are used for drug smuggling that passes through Sugnu leading to Myanmar. Due to this, drugs are readily available in the Sugnu area and the adjoining regions of Churachandpur and Chandel, leading to the youth falling victim to drug abuse.

The MLA claimed that the torch rally was organized to save the youth from the pitfall of drug abuse and encourage people to become drug warriors and save the community from drug abuse.

He further declared a ban on the sale and purchase of drugs in the areas of Chandel, Churachandpur, Bishnupur and Sugnu, accompanied by a social boycott on drugs, adding that the people had collectively arrived at this resolution.

The MLA stated that the police would also act appropriately against those who violate the prohibition. Through this torch rally, the MLA appealed to all citizens to help uproot the menace of drugs