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US company to invest $500 million in Manipur

Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by SPN Editor

In announcing the success of hosting a B20 session as part of the G20 Summit in Manipur, Chief Minister N Biren stated that a US company has promised to invest $500 million in the state.

CM Biren stated this at the Marjing Polo Complex in Imphal East district on the second day of the three-day G20 summit, which began on February 17.

While interacting with the media, Biren stated that Manipur has begun to receive positive feedback from foreign delegates who attended the B20 session held in Manipur in conjunction with the G20. The session provided an opportunity to highlight the state’s potential in various sectors such as tourism, health, handloom, and handicraft.

US company to invest
Arambai was displayed to honor the G20 delegates in Imphal.

One US company has agreed to invest $500 million in Manipur. The investment was approached after the conclusion of the B20 session, he added, adding that “conducting B20 is a good beginning for the state of Manipur.”

He went on to say that most foreign delegates were already aware of Manipur’s popularity, such as its status as the birthplace of Polo, its sporting prowess, and so on. Argentina and Peru have expressed interest in hiring Manipur’s well-trained nurses. Argentina also wanted to expand their collaboration in a football promotion game in Manipur.

He also stated that Manipur’s opportunity to host a B20 session is a source of great pride for the state. “Considering organizing the event as a part of the G20 Summit is the right moment to show the unique beauty of Manipur, the state government prepared to conduct a tour visit for foreign delegates in most of the significant places of the state. He mentioned the Marjing Polo Complex, where Arambai and Sagol Kangjei were displayed, Loktak Lake, the INA headquarters, Sangai Ethnic Park, Kangla Fort, and Ima Keithel.

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