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Vaccination program to protect cattle in Wangoo Sandangkhong

Last Updated on October 7, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/March 15, 2023 (SPN) | The recent death of a cow due to black quarter (BQ) at Wangoo Sandangkhong, Kakching district of Manipur has prompted the Veterinary Department to launch a vaccination program against BQ and Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS).

The department has taken swift action to protect cattle from these diseases which are a major threat to the livelihood of many farmers.

Confirmation of BQ being responsible for the cow’s death was made by Veterinary Director, Dr. Ng Ibotombi. He informed media persons that a team of the State Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and the Kakching District Veterinary Joint Director went to the spot on receiving information about the death of the cow due to an unknown disease.

Following the confirmation, the Veterinary Department is set to launch a vaccination program in Wangoo Sandangkhong and surrounding areas to prevent the spread of BQ and HS. The current change in weather makes cattle vulnerable to various diseases, and the acute shortage of water across the state only exacerbates the situation. Therefore, cattle owners are urged to take extra care of their livestock and vaccinate them against BQ and HS.

Dr. Ibotombi also made an appeal to all local clubs, village chiefs, and elected members to help the Veterinary Department in ensuring that all cattle and other livestock are vaccinated. Prevention is the best option to protect cattle from different diseases, he said.

Wangoo Sandankhong
Vaccination program will be held in Wangoo Sandangkhong.

He also highlighted that due process for National Livestock Insurance would be launched soon, and ear-tagging of cattle is necessary to indicate that the particular cattle have been vaccinated.

In case of the death of ear-tagged cattle, the owners can claim insurance. Dr Ibotombi also cautioned all poultry farmers to remain vigilant of H1N1 and H1N2 (bird flu), as no vaccine has been developed so far against these infections.

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