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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

This time, Biren 2.0 government is fortunate to have few hill MLAs who stands for Manipur. In the previous governments, people have faced lot of harassment from few vested interest leaders. The present government is having hill legislatures which talks of unity, peace and development of Manipur.

The Tribal Affairs and Hills Minister Letpao Haokip and the Hill Areas Committee (HAC) Chairman Dinganglung Gangmei, popularly known as Dipu are straightforward in their approach and they cannot be submitted to the pressure groups. The Biren 2.0 government is hardly 5 months old and we could see their contributions and commitment towards the State. People of Manipur are fortunate to have such leaders in the governance who stands for Manipur.

It is not mere coincidence that the present 20 hill legislatures have been elected by the people, defeating veteran politicians, who have been representing the hills for the last 20-30 years. It is also a sign that people are fed up with the hate politics which was devised by previous leaders. We must support the new brigades who vouch for a united Manipur.

Earlier, the Autonomous District Councill (ADC) Bill was a weapon used by the hill leaders to bargain the government, using student bodies and the civil society organisations, which amounted to the economic blockade along the National Highways, boycott of government functions and a means to divide hill and valley. It was used as a powerful tool to destabilise the government from time to time.

During the Congress regime, nothing has been done by the hill leaders to empower the people living in the hills. During the last 50 years, no effort has been done to give power to the ADC. However, it seems they are instigating the people to derail the development work of the present government. It is the responsibility of the 20 elected representatives from the hills to make laws for the welfare and development of the hill people. Who are behind ATSUM which gives pressure to the HAC chairman?

When the TA&H Minister Letpao Haokip has propose to rectify the technical errors which need to be examined by the committee, few veteran politicians who have been rejected by the people in the last elections tried to put oil in the fire. Their approach encouraged the agitating students who were spearheading the movement for the balkanisation of Manipur state.

Dinganglung Gangmei gave an interview in the local TV channel guiding the youths not to become a victim of the divisive politics from veteran hill leaders. Reiterating that the HAC was set in mainly to bring economic development, protecting social customs, tradition and culture of the tribal communities which will contribute to the overall development of Manipur state.

The very idea of HAC was also to unite the State, not to break it, which is often misused by few leaders and groups for personal agendas.

The present government is accepted by every ethnic communities and the under the leadership of CM N Biren, development is seen in the hills. The popular tag of Biren as “People’s CM” is not a medal to be bought from the market. It is the recognition showered by people for his dedication and work.

Not only the BJP MLAs, but every hill legislatures have confidence that N Biren will empower the hill people which was not given the opportunity in the last 50 years. MLA Ram Muivah informed the Manipur State Legislative Assembly that the 20 MLAs of hill districts are in support of the present government irrespective of party’s affiliation.

It is perfect opportunity and responsibilities for every one of us to support the hill legislatures who stands for Manipur.