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Why Kevin McCarthy lost House Speaker voting for 6th time?

Last Updated on September 11, 2023 by SPN Editor

For the first time, a nominee for House Speaker has been defeated, not once, twice, or thrice, but for the six consecutive House speaker voting. Republican Kevin McCarthy has lost six rounds of House Speaker voting. This is the first time a nominee has been defeated in a century.

Republican from California Kevin McCarthy could not win speaker as he has lost six consecutive votes for Speaker. Kevin McCarthy failed to reach the required 218-vote threshold. Though Republicans have won 222 seats in the US Midterm elections.

McCarthy need to get the support of 19 hard-right republicans who had opposed him on personal grounds and Ideological differences.

Reason for McCarthy lost votes has many reasons. one of them is that he has not made friends. Obviously, Mccarthy has made a lot of enemies, as per Republican insiders.

Many see McCarthy as power-hungry and too mainstream. In-fightings among the Republicans were seen as a major reason for McCarthy’s loss in House Speaker voting. McCarthy was even charged with trying to change the House rules to make it easier to oust a sitting Speakers. Right now, there is much chaos in the US as there is no House of Representatives. Without a Speaker in the House, nothing can be done.

The Democrats were only four votes less from being elected as House Speaker last night. Hakeem Jeffries had more votes than McCarthy in the latest House Speaker voting.

However, McCarthy is not yet over. He is trying hard to convince those rebels Republican to back him. People prefer McCarthy to Jim Jordan and Biggs. When you are given to choice to choose the lesser evil, obisiously is it McCarthy? If the Republicans decide to grab the Speaker of the House, definitely, they will come out with a plan and this is where McCarthy has little hope to become the House Speaker, unexpectedly and in a controversial way.

House Speaker voting
Former Prez Donald Trump supports McCarthy.

The former president Donald Trump had previously endorsed Kevin McCarthy’s bid for House speaker and had called on Republicans to rally around him. However, after the failed votes, Trump has not opened up his mind now. It seems Trump realizes that the Republicans are not supporting McCarthy which means he will also in the list to be rejected by the Republicans soon.

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