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Yoga is a priceless gift to humanity from our country-N Biren

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

“Delighted to join the Nation in celebrating the 8th International Yoga Day. Yoga is a priceless gift to the humanity from our great country. Let us promote yoga and enhance our lives through this ancient wealth of knowledge,” Biren tweeted.

Chief Minister Biren on Tuesday expressed delight in meeting young friends during the International Yoga Day 2022 celebration in the state capital Imphal.

“Happy to meet some of my young friends at the International Yoga Day celebration. It is indeed very encouraging to see so many young Yoga enthusiasts,” Biren captioned some photos he shared on Twitter.

Joining the nation in celebrating the eight edition of International Yoga Day and promoting yoga in his state Manipur, Biren termed Yoga a “priceless gift” to humanity and “ancient wealth of knowledge”.

The International Yoga Day is celebrated every June 21 in India and the world across.

The Chief Minister maintained that this year, the day is observed under the theme “Yoga for Humanity” implying that Yoga helps in building good relations among all people regardless of caste and region. He further stressed on the need for everyone to perform Yoga taking out some time daily, saying it would not only improve our immune system and self-confidence but also imbibe us with good and positive thoughts.

Acknowledging the importance of Yoga, 175 Nations supported the India-led resolution on International Day of Yoga at the UN General Assembly. Many countries began to imitate India’s humanism and its way of natural therapy and AYUSH, the Chief Minister conveyed, mentioning the necessity of human beings to have close relations with nature.

Biren expressed that being a human being, everyone should have respect for others and there shouldn’t be any thought of being superior to others. It is only through such a culture of respect, we could make our society progress with inclusive development, he added.

He also mentioned that the State had been able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic with lesser casualties because of the discipline maintained by our people abiding the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the Government.

Several Ministers and MLA too observed yoga day today in Manipur.