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AI Startup Runway Teamed up with Getty Images for AI-Generated Video

Last Updated on December 4, 2023 by SPN Editor

AI startup Runway has teamed up with Getty Images for its AI-generated video. This deal lets Runway offer a safer version of its text-to-video engine. This is important because more AI companies are trying to give businesses better protection against copyright issues.

Runway and Getty Images are working together to help businesses. They want businesses to use their AI engine with their own ideas without worrying about copyright problems. Some details about the Runway-Getty service, like how much it costs, are not known yet.

AI companies are increasingly striving to provide solutions that offer enhanced legal safeguards against copyright infringements for businesses. Adobe and Getty Images have emphasized that their generative AI systems have been trained using licensed content.

Getty Images launched its text-to-image service in September, while Adobe has been incorporating generative AI tools into its existing products and under the brand name Firefly throughout the year.

Some engines with broader training have also pledged to protect customers against copyright claims. For instance, OpenAI announced at its DevDay in November that it would provide legal protections to its enterprise and API customers.

Right now, Runway is working with big businesses and has a waiting list. But, Runway’s boss, Cristóbal Valenzuela, said there might be an option for businesses to use the service on their own in the future.

Valenzuela said the Runway-Getty model is like a ready-made house that businesses can change to fit their style, products, and characters. He said it does most of the work, but businesses can change what they want.

Getty’s top product person, Grant Farhall, said that Getty’s AI tool has shown that it can make good AI models from content and data that is sourced responsibly.

This partnership is a big step forward in AI-generated video. It gives businesses a safer and more customizable way to use AI-generated video in their work. It also shows how important legal protections are in the fast-changing world of AI.

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