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Air India Becomes World’s First Airlines to Launch AI Virtual Agent ‘Maharaja’

Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by SPN Editor

Air India has redefined customer service in the airline industry with the introduction of the world’s first generative AI virtual agent ‘Maharaja’. Launched in March 2023 as part of a pioneering pilot initiative, Maharaja has swiftly emerged as a game-changer, positioning Air India at the forefront of technological innovation to elevate the passenger experience.

AI virtual agent ‘Maharaja’ offers a range of benefits and advancements that significantly enhance the customer service experience. First and foremost, through task automation, Maharaja simplifies repetitive tasks such as booking, cancellation, and confirmation. This capability substantially reduces the necessity for human intervention in handling basic queries, streamlining processes for both passengers and the airline.

In terms of customer service efficiency, AI virtual agent ‘Maharaja’ stands out by managing over 6,000 daily queries in multiple languages. This efficient handling of a diverse array of customer inquiries, spanning various areas, plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall passenger experience with Air India.

One of Maharaja’s notable features is its commitment to continuous learning. Leveraging ChatGPT for analysis, Maharaja progressively refines its understanding of complex questions and natural language. This continuous learning approach ensures that Maharaja evolves into an adaptive virtual assistant, staying attuned to the dynamic needs of passengers and providing increasingly sophisticated support over time.

AI virtual agent ‘Maharaja’ also excels in seamless integration, promptly recognizing queries that necessitate additional assistance. In such cases, the virtual assistant ensures a smooth transition by efficiently connecting users to Air India’s contact center agents. This personalized support contributes to a comprehensive and effective resolution of more intricate inquiries, showcasing Maharaja’s commitment to delivering a high standard of customer service.

Key features of Maharaja

AI virtual agent ‘ Maharaja’ incorporates several key features that redefine the customer service experience in the aviation industry. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, Maharaja leverages advanced capabilities to deliver a seamless and efficient AI-driven customer service experience. Its multilingual proficiency extends support in four languages—Hindi, English, French, and German—establishing a versatile and inclusive communication platform for customers worldwide.

Notably, the AI virtual agent ‘Maharaja’ showcases an impressive answering capacity, handling up to 6,000 queries daily with efficiency and responsiveness, addressing passenger needs promptly. With extensive topic coverage across 1,300 subjects, Maharaja is well-prepared to provide information on diverse topics, from flight status and baggage allowances to frequent flyer awards and airport lounge access.

The automated assistance feature sets AI virtual agent ‘Maharaja’ apart by successfully handling over 80% of daily queries, ensuring customers receive prompt and direct responses within seconds.

Moreover, Maharaja recognizes the complexity of certain inquiries, acknowledging the necessity for additional assistance in 15% of cases.

In these instances, it seamlessly transitions customers to Air India’s contact center agents, ensuring a smooth and effective resolution for more intricate queries. Maharaja’s integration of advanced technology and human support underscores Air India’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled passenger experience through innovation and efficiency.

Accessing AI Virtual Agent ‘Maharaja’

Passengers can experience the convenience of Maharaja by accessing the AI virtual agent through the official Air India website. With support for interactions in Hindi, English, French, and German, Maharaja provides users with a user-friendly and accessible platform to address queries about baggage, booking, or loyalty programs.

For more complex issues, Maharaja efficiently connects users to Air India’s customer support hub or a live chat agent, ensuring a comprehensive and effective resolution to all queries.

Air India has ambitious plans to enhance Maharaja with deep personalization features and extended support for additional Indian languages, underscoring the airline’s commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation.

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