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Learn Natural Language Processing Online for Free

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by SPN Editor

Natural Language Processing is a branch of artificial intelligence, that is transforming the way computers understand, process, and generate human language. The rise of Big Data and advanced computing has sparked a growing interest in learning Natural Language Processing online. In the United States, the average salary of a Natural Language Processing professional is $152,150 annually, which equates to $73.15 per hour. Those just starting in the field can expect to earn around $125,000 per year, while those with more experience can earn as much as $200,000 per year.

The Evolution of Natural Language Processing

NLP’s journey began as a branch of AI, bridging the gap between humans and machines by enabling computers to interpret text and spoken language. Its evolution has been meteoric, fuelled by the advent of Big Data and enhanced computational capabilities. Today, it powers everyday applications like Siri, Alexa, language translation tools, and sentiment analysis in social media.

A Look at Free Natural Language Processing Online Courses

A variety of free Natural Language Processing online courses are available for those who want to dive into NLP. These courses are designed to cater to everyone, from beginners to students who are looking to build a career in this exciting field of artificial intelligence. Here are some of the top free Natural Language Processing Online courses:

  1. Create a Chatbot Using AIML by Udemy: This free course offers a quick introduction to NLP, AI, and machine learning.
  2. Natural Language Processing Specialization: This in-depth course provides a solid foundation in natural language processing online, machine learning, neural networks, and more. The course includes:
    • Classification and Vector Spaces in NLP
    • Probabilistic Models in NLP
    • Sequence Models in NLP
    • Attention Models in NLP
  3. Natural Language Processing from Coursera: This comprehensive course covers a wide range of NLP topics, from the basics to advanced. It is part of the Advanced Machine Learning Specialization.
  4. Natural Language Processing Online Courses and Programs offered by edX: This platform provides a variety of NLP courses.

These courses are perfect for those who want to deepen their understanding of NLP and for students who want to pursue a career in this dynamic field of artificial intelligence. They offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace, and upon completion, you can earn a valuable credential to showcase your skills and knowledge.

Beyond the Courses

Supplementing these courses with open-source tools like NLTK, spaCy, and TensorFlow enhances practical understanding. Engaging in online communities and NLP-related projects further refines expertise and offers networking opportunities.

NLP’s Applications

NLP’s impact spans various real-world applications:

  • Spam Detection: NLP’s text classification powers spam filters, identifying indicators like financial terms or poor grammar to combat spam and phishing.
  • Machine Translation: Tools like Google Translate leverage NLP for accurate translations, capturing the essence of input language and reproducing it in the output language.
  • Chatbots & Virtual Agents: Siri, Alexa, and chatbots use NLP for voice commands and intelligent responses, adapting to context for improved interactions.
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis: NLP mines social media data to extract attitudes and emotions, offering valuable insights for businesses.

Embracing the NLP Future

As NLP evolves, mastering its fundamentals empowers individuals to shape the future of technology. Extracting insights, automating tasks, and driving innovation are pivotal skills offered by NLP expertise.

The industry of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is centered on the creation of technology that allows computers to comprehend, interpret, and generate human language, is experiencing rapid growth. As per our most recent projections, the NLP market is anticipated to escalate from a worth of $29.1 billion in 2023 to a remarkable $92.7 billion by 2028. This indicates a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.1% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2028.

In terms of value, another study forecasts that North America will account for 36.1% of the NLP market, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Wrapping Up

Learning Natural Language Processing online can equip you with the essential knowledge needed to navigate the rapidly evolving world of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. NLP is revolutionizing how businesses analyze data, providing groundbreaking insights into data that were previously difficult to organize in a meaningful way. So, why wait? Start your NLP journey with these free Natural Language Processing online courses today!

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