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Equinix and NVIDIA Unveil Fully Managed AI Supercomputing Service

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by SPN Editor

Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX), a global leader in digital infrastructure, announced the launch of a fully managed private cloud service on January 24, 2024. This innovative service empowers enterprises to effortlessly procure and manage their own NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing infrastructure, which is specifically designed for the construction and operation of custom generative AI models.

The comprehensive service package includes NVIDIA DGX systems, NVIDIA networking, and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. Equinix takes responsibility for the installation and operation of each customer’s privately owned NVIDIA infrastructure.

NVIDIA DGX is a potent platform engineered to expedite deep learning applications, equipping enterprises with the requisite hardware and software to create and operate extensive AI models. It serves as a crucial instrument in the realm of AI, facilitating the development of sophisticated applications across a diverse array of industries.

NVIDIA DGX represents a series of servers and workstations, manufactured by NVIDIA, with the primary purpose of accelerating deep learning applications through the use of General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU). The standard configuration of a DGX system is based on a rackmount chassis equipped with a motherboard that supports high-performance x86 server CPUs.

A DGX system’s core component is a collection of 4 to 16 NVIDIA Tesla GPU modules, housed on an independent system board. These systems are designed with large heatsinks and robust fans to dissipate the substantial thermal output of thousands of watts. The GPU modules are typically incorporated into the system via a version of the SXM socket or a PCIe x16 slot.

DGX systems are available in several models, including the DGX-1, which boasts 8 GPUs based on the Pascal or Volta daughter cards, coupled with 128GB of total HBM2 memory, and interconnected by an NVLink mesh network. The Pascal-based DGX-1 delivered 170 teraflops of half-precision processing, while the Volta-based upgrade boosted this to 960 teraflops.

The DGX platform is purpose-built for enterprise AI, amalgamating the best of NVIDIA’s software, infrastructure, and expertise into a contemporary, unified AI development solution that extends from the cloud to on-premises data centers. It enhances productivity by offering a hardware and software AI platform that seamlessly integrates clouds and on-premises environments.

Moreover, Equinix can deploy services on behalf of customers in key International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers worldwide. Charles Meyers, the President and CEO of Equinix, emphasized the importance of adaptable, scalable hybrid infrastructure in local markets for enterprises to fully leverage the immense potential of generative AI.

He stated, “Our new service offers customers a swift and cost-effective pathway to adopt advanced AI infrastructure that is globally operated and managed by experts.” Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, highlighted the transformative power of generative AI across all industries. He said, “Enterprises can now own NVIDIA AI supercomputing and software, coupled with the operational efficiency of Equinix management, in hundreds of data centers worldwide.”

The service allows enterprises to scale their infrastructure operations to achieve the level of AI performance required to develop and run extensive models. Early adopters of the service include industry leaders in biopharma, financial services, software, automotive, and retail. These companies are establishing AI Centers of Excellence to provide a strategic foundation for a wide array of rapidly developing LLM use cases.

Equinix’s fully managed NVIDIA AI supercomputing service enables customers to operate their AI infrastructure near their data. The service provides high-speed private network access to global network service providers, facilitating rapid generative AI information retrieval across corporate-wide area networks.

Additionally, it offers private, high-bandwidth interconnections to cloud services and enterprise service providers to support AI workloads while adhering to data security and compliance requirements.

Customers using the service can easily access their NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, streamlining the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, including generative AI.

How does Equinix ensure data security and compliance?

Equinix employs a comprehensive strategy to guarantee data security and adherence to compliance standards:

Global Standards Compliance: Equinix aligns its data security policies with internationally recognized standards such as ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. This ensures a robust framework for managing and securing information.

Regulatory Adherence: Equinix utilizes its Infosec Governance, Risk Compliance (GRC) platform to automate compliance with regulatory changes. The company maintains a global data privacy compliance program designed to meet the requirements of applicable privacy laws, notably the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This proactive approach safeguards data and ensures legal compliance.

Physical Security Measures: Equinix employs advanced security measures, including manned security stations, mantraps, biometric readers, and a comprehensive set of cybersecurity protocols to control and monitor access to its data centers. This layered approach enhances the overall security posture.

Data Sovereignty and Security: Equinix manages data by governmental, security, and compliance requirements globally, while simultaneously ensuring low-latency access to the cloud. This approach allows for secure data handling while meeting various regulatory demands.

Shared Responsibility Model: Equinix adopts a shared responsibility model with its customers, establishing measures to protect customer data. This collaborative effort ensures that both Equinix and its customers play an active role in maintaining the security of the shared infrastructure.

Privacy by Design: Equinix is dedicated to implementing a privacy-by-design approach throughout the organization. This involves enhancing resilience, and capabilities, and fostering a culture of speed, agility, and a commitment to the user and customer experience. By embedding privacy considerations into every aspect of their operations, Equinix ensures a privacy-centric approach.

Equinix’s unwavering commitment to data security and compliance is a fundamental element of its service offerings, guaranteeing the highest levels of data security across its global platform of systems and applications.

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