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Biswajit Vows to Unmask Political Conspiracy Amidst Character Assassination

Last Updated on June 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/June 17, 2023 (SPN) | Manipur’s Power and Agriculture Minister, Thongam Biswajit, has issued a stern warning to those involved in a political conspiracy and character assassination, vowing that they will not be spared.

The minister expressed his determination to take strict action against individuals attempting to defame him on social media platforms, tarnish his image, and incite public anger.

During a press conference held at his official residence in Sanjenthong, Minister Biswajit addressed recent incidents targeting him. A Facebook page by the name of Ima Leibak Manipur had maliciously posted content with the sole purpose of damaging his reputation and instigating the people during a time of crisis.

Minister Biswajit revealed that this was not the first time he had faced defamatory allegations on social media. Previously, he refrained from taking action, believing that the truth would prevail in due course. However, the relentless onslaught of a political conspiracy against him has compelled him to act decisively.

The viral post, intentionally designed to incite public anger and attack him during a critical hour, has propelled Minister Biswajit to assert that stringent action must be taken against all those involved in spreading false allegations and character assassination. He emphasized that such actions could be directed towards any leader and must not be tolerated.

Following the incident, a formal complaint has been filed with the Cyber Crime Department to initiate necessary legal actions against the perpetrators. The defamatory post gained traction at approximately 7:00 PM on Thursday evening when it was widely shared by Facebook users outside the state who had access to the internet.

Many Facebook users began to hurl abuses and assign blame to Biswajit based on the misleading post. The Minister expressed his deep disappointment, stating that such character assassination, intertwined with political conspiracy, was profoundly unfortunate given the critical circumstances.

According to reliable sources, a few youths were observed spreading rumors about Biswajit in neighboring constituencies such as Singjamei, Langthabal, and Keirao on Thursday night. This troubling occurrence coincided with the arson attack on the private residence of MoS Dr. RK Ranjan by miscreants.

After initially posting false rumors, the Facebook page “Ima Leibak Manipur” issued a clarification, acknowledging the unconfirmed nature of their news and apologizing for tarnishing the person’s image. Minister Biswajit welcomed those responsible for spreading false rumors to come forward and apologize, warning that failure to do so would not go unpunished.

Highlighting his impeccable political career, Biswajit reassured reporters that he has never engaged in defaming others. His constituents from Thongju have consistently shown their unwavering support, electing him for the fourth consecutive term in the recent elections. The Minister believes that the current character allegations stem from his political opponents’ desperation.

Disturbingly, the rumors primarily targeted women, potentially inciting their anger and provoking them to cause havoc by burning homes and destroying properties. In response, Biswajit stated that he had previously announced that if he had done anything against the interest of the state, people were welcome to burn his official quarters. Additionally, he urged anyone he had wronged to come and burn his private home.

Expressing his gratitude, the Minister thanked the Meira Paibi and Nupi Lup of his constituency, who, upon hearing the false rumors, rallied in his defense by the thousands. He also extended his prayers to the bereaved families affected by the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

In the face of political conspiracy and character assassination, Minister Thongam Biswajit remains resolute, determined to bring those responsible to justice. His unwavering stance sends a strong message that such acts will not be tolerated, emphasizing the importance of truth, accountability, and respect in the realm of politics.