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DC Kangpokpi directs TAVA to remove signboards

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Deputy Commissioner Kangpokpi has directed the Chairman of Thonglang Atongba Village Authority in Kangpokpi Sub division to remove the signboards erected at Manedara, Ghimerethari, and Chuchekop village of Irang Part-I (Gorkha village) which may cause communal tension within seven days.

Deputy commissioner Kangpokpi district Kengoo Zuringla, IAS served the directives to the village chairman, following an application submitted by Sagar Gewall, Ex-MDC, Irang Part-I & Man Kumar Yogi, Chairman, Lamchok on September 6, 2022 requesting for removal of the signboards.

Recently, the Gorkha leaders led by Sagar Gewali, former ADC Sadar Hills councilor, and Man Kumar Yogi, chairman, Lamchok, alleged that the Thonglang Atongba Village Authority (TAVA) has intended to grab Gorkha’s grazing land by putting up signboards in the name of their forefather’s historical monuments when there are no such monuments related to Thonglang Atongba within Irang Part-I jurisdiction.

The DC in the letter stated that the Thonglang Atongba village has erected signboards at the villages of Irang Part-I (Nepali village), where the issue of land ownership is still with the Court and the case is yet to be disposed of. There is a deed of an agreement signed on September 9, 2022 between Thonglang Atongba, Chawangkening, and Irang Part-I in the presence of SP, Kangpokpi wherein both parties agreed to restrain from fighting and not Indulge in violence and to respect the sanctity of Court proceedings.

Expressing apprehension that the erection of such signboards at the Ireng Part-I areas may create misunderstandings between the communities which may result in violence, the DC instructed the Village Chairman to remove such signboards within a period of 7 days and requested not to Indulge in any activities which may create communal tension in the region.

In case the village chief failed to remove the signboards within the given time, District Police, Kangpokpi will remove all the erected signboards, it warned.