Don’t Miss the War Thunder Mobile Infantry Event

War Thunder Mobile Infantry event

The War Thunder Mobile Infantry event is now live and is calling upon all gamers to join the action-packed battle.

If you want to join the War Thunder Mobile Infantry competition and enjoy the game you must first equip yourself with the appropriate combat gear. This will help in preparing to fight in an urban environment.

The event offers four distinct exoskeletons: Assault, Sniper, ATGM Operator, and MANPADS Operator, and players can choose one to their liking. Moreover, gamers can also avail themselves of ground vehicles and helicopters to aid them in their missions.

The War Thunder Mobile Infantry event spans from the present time until April 17th, providing ample opportunity for players to complete the special missions, unlock new stages, and earn points towards epic rewards.

These prizes include the Mobile Warrior player icon, MI MBCT1 emblem, ShMP 1st Assault emblem, “Rocket Launcher” decoration, quadcopter decoration, and 8-mm machine gun decoration. By simply completing stages and earning mission points, players can earn rewards.

War Thunder Mobile Infantry Game (photo from War Thunder Website).

If players obtain 40,000 mission points during the specified two-day period, they can unlock each stage containing a reward. So, it is important that players prepare themselves, complete the challenges, and further take advantage of the rewards offered within the dateline.

It is essential to note that Pinata Sticks will disappear from the inventory on April 17th at 12:00 GMT. Therefore, players must purchase the stages before the deadline to claim them.

But do not worry; if players are unable to finish the event in time, they can still acquire the corresponding prizes. By using Golden Eagles, players can purchase stages completion until April 19th in the achievement window.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to showcase your combat skills and take on modern infantry combat in the Mobile Infantry event.

By clicking on your nickname and selecting “Achievements -> Mobile Infantry” from the menu, players can check their progress and complete each stage. Each stage is considered complete if the achievement is colored in gold.

When you complete each stage, you must press the “Receive a prize” button in the Achievements window so that you receive the prizes. Players can receive their rewards until April 19th, 11:00 GMT, and they are activated on their account and are not in the form of coupons.

In summary, the War Thunder Mobile Infantry event offers an excellent opportunity for players to test their skills and earn valuable rewards. The event provides a range of exoskeletons and ground vehicles and helicopters that players can use.

By completing missions and earning mission points, players can unlock stages and receive rewards, including emblems, decorations, and even a title.

Gamers, it is important to complete the various stages as possible and receive all the rewards before the event ends on April 17th.

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