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Maps of Counter-Strike 2: The maps you can expect

Last Updated on April 1, 2023 by SPN Editor

For gaming enthusiasts who revel in first-person shooter games, the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2 has generated tremendous anticipation. This latest addition pledges to present a remarkable fusion of avant-garde visual and technical design, accompanied by updated maps of Counter-Strike 2 that are certain to enrapture both neophyte and veteran gamers alike.

We are bringing some of the enthralling maps that are poised to feature in Counter-Strike 2.

The Touchstone maps are fundamental parts of the Counter-Strike gameplay experience, having been around for a long time. These maps of Counter-Strike 2 have undergone only minimal changes in the new game, with updates mainly focused on visual enhancements and lighting upgrades.

Dust II

One such map is the iconic Dust II, which is set to be included in the upcoming game. It has undergone significant lighting enhancements while retaining its original gameplay.

Maps of Counter-Strikes 2
Dust II is a Touchstone map and a fan favorite that has become synonymous with Counter-Strike.


Mirage, another Touchstone map, has been a fan favorite since its debut as part of esports play in the Cyberathlete Professional League in CS 1.6. It remains a staple of Counter-Strike and is set to make a comeback in Counter-Strike 2, with updated lighting as its most significant improvement.


Train, created by one of the game’s creators, is finally back since its demotion to the Reserve Map Pool in May 2021. As a Touchstone map, its most significant updates come in its lighting.


The Overhaul maps of Counter-Strike 2 have undergone a complete rebuild, featuring new textures, lighting, structures, and updates to how the map plays in-game.


Inferno is another map with a long-standing history in the FPS game Counter-Strike version 1.1 which was one of the favorites of PC gamers. It has undergone a complete rebuild as maps of Counter-Strike 2, featuring significant improvements to textures, lighting, structures, and gameplay.


Overpass, a unique map in the Active Duty Pool, was specifically made for CSGO and underwent a complete rebuild for Counter-Strike 2. It received updates to its textures, lighting, structures, and gameplay changes.

Active Duty Pool

The Upgrade maps have received updates in the form of new lighting physics and textures made for the map. Ancient, the newest addition to the Active Duty Pool, was inserted into the pool amidst much controversy and dismay from players. It is the spiritual successor to Aztec and has received updates in its lighting physics and textures.


Nuke has been a mainstay in competitive play since CS 1.6 and has received updates to its lighting physics and textures in Counter-Strike 2.

Aside from the above maps, there are also Deathmatch, Hostage, and Bomb Defusal maps. Notable omissions from Counter-Strike’s history, such as Tuscan, a Bomb Defusal map that was a mainstay in CS 1.6, are also present.

In conclusion, with its updated maps Counter-Strike 2 promises to be an exciting game that will impress players. Whether you prefer Touchstone, Overhaul, or Upgrade maps, there is something for everyone in this game.

With classic maps such as Dust II and Inferno, coupled with fresh releases such as Ancient, Counter-Strike 2 is undoubtedly poised to be a game that will sustain players’ fascination for years to come.