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Entire village responsible for mob attack on Police in Moijing -CM

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Chief Minister N Biren has taken significant measures as a result of the recent mob attack on police officers who were seeking to detain suspects in a murder investigation in Thoubal Moijing. CM Biren also announced that the villagers would be required to pay compensation for the police properties that were damaged during the mob attack.

CM Biren has unequivocally declared that the entire village will be held accountable for any interference with the police that is excessive and impairs their ability to carry out their duty.

He made the statement while distributing backpack air/leaf blowers to Manipur Fire Service and Forest Department for use in putting out forest fires during a solemn ceremony conducted at the Chief Minister’s Bungalow on Sunday.

When questioned by the media, Biren responded that a mob that included almost the entire Moijing people had attacked a police squad that was seeking to apprehend a murder suspect. A total of 11 individuals were taken into custody by the police after they were successfully apprehended.

Mob Attack
Mob attack on Police personnel in Thoubal Moijing (Photo credit- Ukhrul Times).

The Chief Minister continued by emphasizing that everyone in the village will be held accountable for the mob violence and that the 11 people would be detained until the community handed over the murder suspect.