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Free Eye Camp of IEDUCO Concludes at Tuisenphai Village

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

IEDUCO ends their free eye camp at Tuisenphai Village yesterday, providing treatment to 60 individuals, and another 30 were given spectacles. The eye camp was jointly organized by IEDUCO and Tuisenphai Youth Rising Club under the guidance of AMUCO.

The Imphal East District United Clubs’ Organisation (IEDUCO) held a free eye camp and distribution of spectacles at various places in the Imphal East District. The camp started at Puribi Puraba Community Hall in Khurai Ningthoubung Leikai on April 3, 2023.

Then, a similar eye camp where also held at Kongba Kshetri Leikai on April 7, and Lairikyengbam Leikai on April 8. Yesterday camp at Tuisenphai Village in Lamlai AC was the last camp of IEDUCO.

The eye camps were organized in collaboration with the JNIMS Ophthalmology Department and the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment (NPCB & IV) National Health Mission, Manipur.

The event was attended by several dignitaries, including Pheiroijam Nando Luwang, the president of AMUCO, as the chief guest, JNIMS Opthalmology Department Asst. Professor Dr. Ph. Bharti and Imphal East District United Clubs’ Organisation (IEDUCO)’s President Takhellambam Dwijo graced the event as Guest of Honour; Nisosel Kharam, Village Chief of Tuisenphai as President of the program.

Tuisenphai Village
Free Eye Camp conducted at Tusenphai Village in Lamlai AC.

AMUCO President Nando Luwang lamented that there are several cases of eye patients in the State. However, politicians never try to help their own people with timely health checkups and treatments.

He also emphasizes that government departments must coordinate with the Civil Society organization and conduct eye camps and other free medical camps in different areas of the State.

Such an initiative will increase the trust of the people living in far-flung areas and there will be unity among different communities as well.

During the camp, medicines were distributed with the help of MSRAM & CRU. The event was a great success and will help to address the issue of visual impairment in the community.

The Free Eye Camp cum Distribution of Spectacles program was successfully conducted with the support of the Superintendant of JNIMS, Dr. Khumukcham Lokeshwor, and medicines was provided by the Opthalmology Department HoD R.K. Vidyarani, MSRAM, and CRU. Spectacles were provided as part of the National Programme for Control of Blindness & Visual Impairment (NPCB &VI ).