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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

A CRPF personnel was caught by the women folk of Puiluan village on September 24. The locals alleged that the CRPF man planted explosives in the area.

The CRPF man was identified as Thiyam Ashok Singh, CT/INT FORCE No.055154631 of 87 Battalion CRPF.
The CRPF man, while producing at customary village court- Puiluanh Pei, reportedly admitted and confessed his involvement in planting a bomb at the behest of 39 Assam Rifles, Nungba.

Meanwhile, several civil bodies in the Nungba area vehemently condemn the act of planting bombs by Indian Security Forces. The CSOs demanded that the involved CRPF and Assam Rifle personnel should be booked and punished as per law. It further stated that the Nungba area CSOs will start a wave of democratic agitation if the involved security forces are not punished.

The joint statement of the Nungba Area Village Authority Association (NAVAA), RNCM Luangba Luangrian, RNLPM Luangba Luangrian, RNSOM Luangba Luangrian, and NAJAC said that the planting of the IED was carried out at the behest of 39 Assam Rifles Nungba Outpost at Puiluanh (Kambiron), a revered historical village of National Freedom Fighter Haipou Jadonang.

It clarified that the angry mob took custody of the culprit and was brought before the Puiluanh Pei (Village Customary Court). He was accompanied by Assistant Commandant 87 Bn CRPF at Village Customary court where he confessed and admitted to his involvement in planting bombs at the behest of the 39 Assam Rifles Nungba. Fines were imposed upon the culprit as per the Customary Law of the Rongmei Naga Tribe by the Puiluanh Pei,” the joint statement added.

“This is the fourth consecutive incident of bomb planting in the Nungba area during the last four years with no reason known and all stage managed devised and engineered drama of Assam Rifles. Such an act of terrorism is outdated, a crime against society and humanity, and a gross violation of human rights. The conspiracy of the Indian security forces still haunts and has no room in present society,” it stated.

(Inputs from Chongthu News Service)