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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Army wing of the proscribed group Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), the PLA observed its 44th Raising Day on Sunday at its General Headquarters, Tactical Command, Strategic Command, 252 Mobile Battalion and other units, Department including central Bureau SR-1, Sr-2, Sr-3, SR-4, etc.

A statement released by RPF Deputy Secretary (publicity) Roben Khuman said that Raising day was observed following the Covid-19 behavior. It said that red stars and Festoons symbolizing PLA were placed at various places falling under Divisions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 of the party’s central Bureau of Manipur.

Tributes were paid to the party flag and to those who laid down their lives for Manipur. The observance begins with the hoisting of the Party flag followed by a reading out of the message of RPF president Irengbam Chaoren. Addressing the president’s speech, Irengbam Chaoren said that there is no disturbance to India’s integrity or boundary while restoring the freedom of Manipur. Manipur’s Independence and its boundary existed before India was created. This was mentioned in the treaty signed between the British and Burma (Myanmar) on February 28, 1826.

The President further stated that various treaties signed by Manipur with other countries like the Defence Treaty signed with the British East India Company on September 14, 1762; the treaty signed between the British and Manipur on April 18, 1833, to demarcate the Barak River and the treaty signed between the Governor General of India with Maharaj Chandrakriti along with Lushai and Angamis shows that Manipur was an Independent nation. Besides, the cultural identity, language, script, and society are pole apart between India and Manipur.

On the occasion of 44th Raising Day of PLA, the president then prayed for strengthening the unity of the indigenous communities of Manipur so as to help the land successfully stand at the forefront of development. The call for communal harmony and peace also reverberates on the occasion.