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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) Deputy Secretary of Publicity, Roben Khuman in a press release said that the party was compelled to make a clarification as the misleading media report with regard to the death of the three PLA cadres has the potential to cause an artificial communal flare-up.

The RPF has clarified regard to the killing of three cadres of the PLA namely Captain Lucky, Captain Sanjit, and Captain Ayangba in Kamjong district in an ambush carried out by the Indian security force on September 17.

Rebutting the media report that the three PLA cadres were killed in a pre-planned ambush by a rival armed outfit, it clarified that the ambush was carried out by the Indian Army’s 21 Para SF, 5 AR in cahoots with a group of Hostile Mercenary sponsored by Indian Army, which is a part of the continuous crusade of Indian Army to suppress the liberation movement against colonial India.

Different agencies of colonial India have been carrying out many open and secret operations and strategies to suppress the freedom-loving people of the region by hook or by crook. Spewing venom to divide the communities is one of their main strategies. Divide and rule is the indispensable strategy of colonial rulers.

During the period when Manipur existed as a sovereign nation, there was no incident of conflict, hostility, or killing among the communities. However, after Manipur was forcibly annexed into India, the state has seen communal-based decisions and administration. RPF never endorses such a communal-centric ideology.

Manipur is a land where a particular community scatters in the entire state. It is a peaceful land where both the bigger communities and smaller communities have been living coherently for years.

The popular government of Manipur elected by the people after the British granted independence comprised of elected members from both the hill and the valley. However, India, after having forcibly annexed Manipur, has been spewing venom among the communities. Manipur is a land of composite history and as such the liberation movement is also a composite struggle. Having sensed this, India always attempts to create a communal flare-up as a ploy to cripple the liberation struggle, it contended.

The war of freedom fought by the RPF is not for a particular community, rather war waged by the party is for every ethnic community of Manipur. History is proof that the different communities, irrespective of religion and caste have been supporting the RPF and sacrificing for the freedom of the people who are exploited for decades.

People have been supporting the revolutionary movement of the party and there is no record of other ethnic communities going against the party and working to undermine the revolutionary movement of the people. However, it is confirmed that the Indian Army has been using a few mercenaries who are selfish and indulged in drug and arms dealers to demoralize the people’s struggle.

Their evil propaganda of using the community’s shield is not hampering the affection and support of the party by the ethnic communities whose freedom we are fighting and sacrificing for the common goal of our people. The RPF considered those people CSO as the agents of India who do not have deep roots in the soil of Manipur and pity on their mindset about their separation from the common ethos and history of the land.

The press release also reiterates everybody to stay away from the Indian agents who will hell vent on instigating communal flare-up and stand united to strengthen the solidarity of the movement for the freedom of people.

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