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Life threats to Manipur CM due to War on Drugs

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Manipur CM gets life threats on social media due to War on Drugs. CM N Biren said in the Manipur Assembly.

N Biren said, “War on Drugs mission is not an easy task. I even got life threats on social media.” However, with the War on Drugs becoming a public movement, the mission is moving very close to becoming fully successful, he added.

life threats
CM got life threats due to War on Drugs campaign.

Replying to a calling attention motion raised by MLA O Surjakumar on the floor of the House relating to the report of a missing VDF personnel involved in poppy destruction, he informed that a massive search operation has been carried out since the missing date.

The search operation will continue for five-six days and if the personnel is not found yet, the state government will discuss the matter with the family members for further necessary steps, he added.

Meanwhile, MLA Surjakumar stressed the possibility of the VDF personnel being apprehended by drug lords to create a fear psychosis in the minds of the personnel and discourage them from taking up poppy destruction or even getting apprehended by militants of Myanmar.

In reply, the CM informed that the government is considering all possible reasons and angles for the missing VDF personnel.

Admitting that the geographical structure of the hills is a big hurdle in locating the area of the poppy plantation, he said the poppy cultivators have started farming cabbages and mustards along with the poppy to make it look invisible from the far side.

However, the use of drones and remote satellite sensing has now made the task of identifying and destroying poppy easier, he said, clarifying that the chemical used to destroy poppy using drones will not harm the environment and it is done after thorough consultation with various experts.

As a part of the initiative of the present government under the “War on Drugs 2.0”, alternative livelihood opportunities through the cultivation of quality horticultural crops were provided. In the previous year, 355 poppy farmers were brought under Organic Farming.

During 2021-22, 5 Model Horticulture Farms of 20 hectares each were set up at different locations under the scheme of “Cultivation of Horticulture crops as an alternative to poppy cultivation in Hill Areas”, benefitting 100 farmers.

During 2022-23 also, high-value crops along with Hybrid winter vegetable seeds were distributed to poppy farmers who had voluntarily ceased cultivation of poppy, covering 985 acres and benefitting 600 farmers, he informed.