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Manipur CM Warns SoO Kuki Militants: Cease Violence or Face Consequences

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/June 20, 2023 (SPN)| In a stern message to the SoO Kuki militants, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren has warned them to immediately halt the violence in the state or face severe consequences. Additionally, he appealed to the Meitei people with arms to maintain peace and harmony, emphasizing the importance of restoring tranquility in Manipur.

Addressing the media, N Biren said, “This has to be stopped immediately. I appeal, mainly the SoO Kuki militants to stop it, otherwise, they will face the consequences. I also to the people, Meitei people who are with arms not to attack anything and maintain peace and harmony so that we can resort to normalcy in the state of Manipur.”

Chief Minister Biren Singh further highlighted his dialogue with Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga, who assured full support in restoring peace and providing assistance to the Meitei people residing in Mizoram during this crisis.

The Mizoram Chief Minister, Zoramthanga, has demonstrated his commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence in Manipur. Taking to Twitter on June 18, he shared details of his conversation with Chief Minister Biren, emphasizing the need for collaboration and concerted efforts to resolve the ongoing issue and foster a harmonious environment.

During their telephone conversation, Chief Minister Biren reached out to Chief Minister Zoramthanga, seeking assistance in addressing the violence in Manipur and expressing his hopes for a peaceful resolution.

In response, Chief Minister Zoramthanga assured his counterpart that the Mizoram government deeply regrets the violence and has already taken steps to mitigate the situation.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Zoramthanga expressed his support for the actions taken by the Government of Manipur and the Central Government to address the issue. He emphasized that the people of Mizoram stand in solidarity with the Meitei community.

Both the government and non-governmental organizations have implemented measures to promote peace, security, and stability in the region.

The statements from both Chief Ministers reflect their commitment to resolving the ongoing violence and restoring peace in Manipur. With the support of Mizoram and concerted efforts from all stakeholders, it is hoped that the situation will soon be brought under control, allowing the people of Manipur to live in peace and harmony once again.

Meanwhile, residents of Leimakhong Chingmang reported that five houses in the village were set on fire during the late hours by SoO Kuki Militants. It is worth noting that the area is situated in close proximity to the Leimakhong military garrison, a few hundred meters away.

While the violence in Manipur, ongoing since May 3, has primarily involved clashes between the Meitei and Chin Kuki communities, one of the houses burnt on Sunday night belonged to a Naga family. Akhon Liangmai, the owner of the house, revealed that the locality comprises a diverse population of Kukis, Meiteis, and Nagas.

Expressing concern, Liangmai urged the government to take the matter seriously, emphasizing that the Nagas hold no animosity towards any tribe and seek peaceful coexistence with all.

She further revealed that all Naga houses in the area had put up notes identifying themselves, yet her house was targeted, and some of the identification notes were torn off by miscreants.

The area where the incident occurred is situated on the border of Imphal West district in the valley and Kangpokpi district in the hills.

With 156 columns of the Indian Army deployed in Manipur, most of their operations have been focused on such “fringe areas,” which have witnessed a significant exchange of fire and incidents of arson during the second wave of violence since May 28.

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