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Michelle Salam Awarded Best Cake Designer and Baker

Last Updated on November 1, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ November 01, 2023 (SPN) | Owner of Michelle’s Sweet Temptation, Michelle Salam, was awarded the prestigious title of “Best Cake Designer and Baker” at the Global Food and Hospitality Awards 2023. The award ceremony took place at the Crowne Plaza in Kochi, Kerala, on October 26, and the award was presented by the renowned Indian chef and entrepreneur, Sanjeev Kapoor.

During her acceptance speech, Michelle Salam expressed her gratitude for the recognition and acknowledged the presence of Sanjeev Kapoor, which made the experience truly unforgettable. She reflected on her 25-year journey in the world of baking, emphasizing the significance of receiving this award in her silver jubilee year.

Michelle Salam also recognized the importance of connecting with talented individuals from diverse culinary backgrounds, making her journey memorable. She noted the significance of this milestone, especially in the context of the ongoing challenges faced by her state since May 3.

Offering words of encouragement to those embarking on their own journeys, Michelle Salam shared, “Dreams do come true, but be willing to work very hard and consistently to see them come true.” Her award is not only a testament to her dedication and hard work but also an inspiration to aspiring bakers and cake designers.

Michelle Salam’s Professional Achievements:

  1. Winner of the Cream Cake Award by the Indian Cake Awards (ICA) in September 2019, Mumbai.
  2. Recognized among the Top 10 in India by Cake Masters UK at Cakeology in September 2019, Mumbai.
  3. Featured as a Cake Artist in India’s exclusive Cake Art Magazine “Sugar,” local magazine “Horizon,” and various newspapers.
  4. Invited as an expert on whipped cream at two Bakers’ Conferences:
    • BaCon (Bakers & Conference) 2016 in Goa
    • The Bakers Collective (TBC) 2017 in Bangalore
    • The Bakers Collective (TBC) 2018 in Jaipur
    • The Bakers Collective (TBC) 2019 in Pune
  5. Notable Cake Artist with the highest number of record entries in prestigious albums for Home Bakers & Guild India’s largest bakers guild:
    • Over one hundred and twenty entries in the Hall of Fame (with 500+ likes)
    • Thirty entries in the League of Legends (with 1500+ likes)
    • Entry into the Abode of Titans (with 3000+ likes)
  6. Regularly featured cakes on CakesDecor, the world’s largest cake decorating forum, with multiple entries on the homepage, in daily top 3 lists, and wedding cake collections.
  7. Conducted 8 professional workshops on creating sharp edges in six different cities, training 365 students.
  8. Led the First International Workshop in Dubai in February 2019.
  9. Honored with the title of “Pride of Tropolite” and appointed Brand Ambassador for Tropolite Cream by Davars Company in February 2019.
  10. Selected as a Brand Champion for Magic Colors, an internationally recognized cake decorating company based in Israel, and Brand Ambassador for Omkraft and Ultimakes.
  11. Awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in April 2018.
  12. Achieved a lifelong dream by establishing an Atelier (Boutique bakery unit) covering 3500 square feet, set to employ up to 50 people.
  13. Received the North East Women Entrepreneur Award on Women’s International Day in Gauhati in 2019 and was recognized as a Woman of Substance.