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WMC Condemns Attack on Police by Chin Kuki Terrorists in Manipur

Last Updated on November 1, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ November 01, 2023 (SPN)| The World Meetei Council (WMC) has strongly denounced a brutal attack by Chin Kuki terrorists in Manipur. The assault resulted in the tragic death of Chingtham Anand Kumar, the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Moreh, and left three other police officers injured. The incident marks a disturbing resurgence of violence after a relatively peaceful month.

Of concern is the Chin Kuki Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), which support these Chin Kuki terrorists and have audaciously called for the removal of state police from Moreh. Their actions attempt to distort reality and mislead the global community, insinuating that Moreh is a separate state and questioning the Meetei’s indigenous status.

It is essential to clarify that Moreh has a historical presence of various indigenous communities, including Meeteis and different Naga tribes. Unfortunately, these groups were uprooted in the 1990s due to an influx of Chin Kuki migrants from Myanmar, who later sought to dominate the region, posing a severe threat to the Meetei people.

The Meetei proverb, “LOU MAPU YONGNA TANBA,” aptly characterizes the Chin Kuki migrants, who, despite their migrant status, assert ownership of Moreh as their ancestral land without any sense of responsibility or shame.

The actions of the migrants and their unfounded claims of Moreh being their ancestral land are highly disconcerting and have been met with strong disapproval from the WMC.

This situation prompts a significant question: Why shouldn’t the Manipur government deploy state forces across the entire state? Is it justifiable for migrants to demand the removal of state forces from the region?

In a press release sent by Yambem Arun Meetei, the Secretary General of CEC – World Meetei Council calls upon the Chief Minister of Manipur and the Union Home Minister to address this issue promptly.

It is important to note that Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, has previously emphasized in Parliament, supported by statements from central intelligence agencies, that “terrorists from across the border are waging war against India.”

Given this information, the WMC questions why the central government hasn’t taken more assertive action against these terrorists. They express concerns about the apparent passivity of the Assam Rifles, a powerful paramilitary force stationed in and around Moreh, a critical border town in Manipur. This inaction from the Assam Rifles has raised suspicions.

The WMC queries whether the Assam Rifles’ behavior implies their tacit approval of the actions of Chin Kuki terrorists. They even raise the possibility of collusion between the Assam Rifles and the Chin Kuki terrorists, thereby posing a threat to the security of Manipur and, by extension, India. These are pressing questions that demand answers.

WMC also shared its deepest condolences to the family of the late SDPO Chingtham Anand Kumar and prayed for the best wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured police officers attacked by Chin Kuki terrorists.

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